numero quatro

coming early october 2013

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Mrs_Snelly said...

Congratulations!! I am also having my 4th in early October! Here's to motherhood and adventures! Good luck and hope you have an uneventful pregnancy. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I have one due the end of September, but only my second :) Thanks again for all your FHE lessons, my daughter loves them and it makes it much easier to handle for me!


Rachel said...

Congratulations, Emilie! I just recently had my number 4. (in case you don't know who this is... It's Lolly's sister, Rachel)

Karen said...

Congrats Emilie!!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

We're due with our 4th in October as well!
Very exciting!
We love your blog - my husband always gets lessons from it.
Congrats to your family!
Thanks for your work!

Genevieve said...

i've just found your website and can i just say- you're amazing!! thank you so much for all the incredible downloads and lesson plans and helps. wow! i've just downloaded all the article of faith memory posters for our fhe's and can't wait to start helping my daughter memorize them. thank you thank you thank you for your hard work and for sharing it and congrats on baby #4!!!

Pam Miller said...

Congrats on your baby!! I have two of my own and I admire you for all the hard work you do. Thanks a bunch!

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