Ella's Baptism

I posted a while back about my daughter, Ella's, baptism portraits.  I promised to share the rest of her baptism details so here they are.

On Saturday, March 9th, we had Ella's LDS Baptism.  This is a huge milestone in the LDS faith.  Mormons are baptized by immersion (as Jesus was) and then given the Gift of the Holy Ghost by Priesthood authority.  They are also made an official member of the Church.

Weeks before Ella helped me design these programs for the baptismal service.  Ella had chose a light lavender color for her decorations.

We had cooked and prepped the entire day before with the help of my amazing in-laws.  I had special ordered these cute shield cookie cutters to make her CTR cookies (they were WAY cheaper than buying a LDS ctr shield cookie cutter).  I have made my same sugar cookie recipe quite a few times with the same results....not that day.  They were odd and crumbly and the frosting also was weird.  Who knows what happened.  But I had to let it go.  Sad, but I moved on.

Having the help of the family the day before made it possible for us to have a pretty peaceful morning, which I really needed. We arrived at the church and set up tables for the small lunch after the service. More lavender was put into the decor.  It turns out we had forgotten the 20 heart-shaped PB&J's we made for the kids and our lavender plates, but we carried on without.  I figured forgetting just two things was a pretty good record.

ABOVE: White cupcakes with blue raspberry frosting and white sprinkles. Framed photos from Ella's baptism portrait session.  Three small bowls with lavender and white candies.  Homemade artisan bread and pita chips for our two homemade dips; Roasted red pepper dip and cold spinach dip.

ABOVE: Water bottles covered with patterned duct tape.  Veggie tray with greek yogurt ranch to dip. Fruit platter.  Fresh flowers from our farmer's market in lavender and white in a mason jar.  More framed photos of Ella.
Ella had only invited two small families from our Ward because of her anxiety (you can read more about that on my family blog here).  We asked that the Bishop not announce the baptism in church.  I was worried that it would still be a problem, that her anxiety would cause a disaster, but the baptismal service was lovely.

There were opening prayers and songs. Then Ella's Grandpa gave a short talk on Baptism.  It was sweet and thoughtful and he spoke of her decision to follow Jesus Christ and how that path would stretch out in front of her for her entire life.

Then came the baptismal ordinance.  I took her into the changing room and took off her tights, shoes and hair bow.  She began to get nervous. I put my arms around her and said, "Mommy and Daddy will be right there with you. You never have to be afraid."  She said okay and we opened the door to the font.  There was her Daddy to meet her and take her into the waters of baptism.  After a short prayer he immersed her in the water.  She came up from the water smiling and beaming.

We went back into the changing room where we changed into her dry white dress, I brushed her hair and put the bow back in.  We headed back into the room where her close friends were waiting.

Then it was my turn.  I gave a short talk on the Holy Ghost.  I shared with her the wonderful companion he could be for the rest of her life, communicating the truthfulness of doctrine, God's love and giving her guidance.

The I said, "Ella. God made you for greatness.  You will accomplish great things in this life. You might change the world with your goodness.  You might be famous. You might become the president of the United States.  When people hear your name they might break into applause.  But no matter what path you take or which decisions you make, Daddy and I will never be more proud of you than when you choose to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, like you have today."  And yes, I sobbed through this part.

She was then given the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by those holding Priesthood authority.

A member of our Bishopric welcomed her to the Ward and the Primary president  welcomed her and gave her beautiful keepsakes of her special day.  A closing song and prayer ended the service and then we had a lovely lunch with our close friends and family.

It was a wonderful and sacred event.  We then forced our children to stare directly into the sun for a slightly blurry family photo.  Yeah...not our best idea.  Note the lavender/purple color coordination. Yep, I went for it.

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Meagan said...

I have just come across your blog in the last few days, and this post and your post about your daughter's anxiety resonated with me. I have two daughters with special challenges as well (though theirs are different) and their baptisms are fast approaching. What a beautiful day you created for your sweet little girl! You are a patient and loving momma. She is blessed to have you. :)

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