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New in my shop


I have uploaded a few new printables into the MOMO PRINTS Etsy shop. As always, each print is customizable and can be made in ANY COLOR of your choosing at no additional charge.

Gordon B. Hinckley's BE HAPPY Print. I love the message of this print. I am going to make this poster size and frame it for the stairway in our house.

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I have had a D & C 88:119 HOUSE OF ORDER Print in the shop before, but recently my computer hard drive crashed, deleting the original file. I used that opportunity to remake this print in a sleeker, more modern style.

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My friend, Lacey, requested this one for her YW's room. The 'Stand Ye In Holy Places' poster now hangs in their church in poster size.

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You may have seen this Doctrine & Covenants 4 - LDS Missionary Print in my shop before, but I now offer a NAME CUSTOMIZED version where you can add your missionary's name to the print for a great keepsake. 

A lot of customers have printed and framed these as a gift for their missionary or displayed it at their farewell or open house.

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Finally, this SERVICE OVER SELF Print is a great and simple reminder to do everything you can to serve others as Jesus did.

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As always, this 2013 PRIMARY THEME Print has been very popular.  I am planning of gifting one to my daughter for her upcoming baptism. 

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