What's Coming in 2013

This blog has been changing lately. And there is more fun coming in 2013. Having stopped writing weekly lessons I am excited to share more handouts, object lessons, occasional FHE plans and cataloging church coloring pages and activities. 

I have recently been called as our Ward Nursery Leader (I am so thrilled!), so I will probably be sharing ideas, activity and stories from the adventures that await in that calling! 

I will be sharing more ideas for food storage/emergency preparedness the EASY way! After we were hit with Hurricane Sandy my resolve to get it together was instantly shoved to the top of my list! 

I will be adding many more posters and printables to the Momo Prints shop as well! 

Hope to see you around this year!

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The Allen Family said...

I've been a follower for a while, have used many lessons and love your blog. I'm also excited to see what you share more of in 2013. But what I really wanted to say is that I love that you are excited for your nursery calling. Having served in a primary presidency recently, and just hearing things from others, I've heard of way too many people who refuse the calling or complain the whole time they're in it... it makes me so sad. So thanks for being extra awesome!!

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