this week in nursery...

this week in nursery i took photos of each child so i can make a cute little activity where they put their faces on the blackboard each week on magnetized foam hearts.  this will help them with name recognition, help them feel special, help me remember their names and help subs know who to tell to stop climbing on top of the play kitchen and beaning plastic pizza slices at their classmates.

each child was fascinated by my "fancy" camera and loved posing and then seeing thier images back in the viewer.

every kid except one.

can you pick out MY child?

just in case you thought my family was well-adjusted.

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Bonnie said...

Love it! I'm in nursery too and since we have a ton of nursery kids and 3 nurserys I am the "nursery chorister". I do something similar where I print their pictures and attach them a carpet square sample or plastic place mat and use them for the kids to sit on while we have singing time. Works like a charm since they have an individualized spot and keeps them from moving all over while we sing!

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