When it rains...

Our family just moved and with it came the extra expenses.  Then our van broke. It needed a new transmission and it would cost more to fix than the car was worth, so we got a new (but used) car.  More expenses.  And last week our computer crashed and I found out yesterday that it needs a new hard drive to the tune of $250!  All in the month of July!

If you have ever considered donating to this blog as a thank you for this resource, now would be an excellent time!  I cannot write more lessons until our computer is back (although I do have next week's lesson written and ready to post).

PLEASE consider a small donation. Every little bit helps!
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Thanks friends!

1 Way Righteous Comments:

Me, Myself and I said...

I would donate, but I'm in the same boat. We moved, 2 days later had car in the shop, 4 days later a baby in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and four months later a computer crash. It absolutely is true that when it rains it pours - I feel your pain!

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