Year 03/Lesson 31: God Made Us Different / Celebrating TRUE beauty

What You'll Need: scriptures, GAK 608/GAB 116 : Christ and Children from Around the World, paper, coloring tools, scissors, bag of M&M's candies, blindfold.

Scripture: Malachi 2:10 - Have we not all one father? Hath not one God created us.

Opening Song: Jesus Said Love Everyone (PCS 61) OR Every Star is Different (PCS 142)


Before we came to earth our spirits lived in heaven with our Heavenly Father. When we came to earth we received a physical body to live in.  No two people look exactly alike. Heavenly Father made us different.  Everyone is beautiful in a special way.  Each of you are beautiful (and handsome).

Even twins are different.  Some of God's children have light skin and some have dark skin. Some of God's children have straight hair and some have curly hair. God's children have different eye colors, heights, weight, and body types.  But inside, we are all the same. We all need love, friendship and happiness.

(display GAK 608/GAB 116)

Heavenly Father has commanded us to love one another, just like He loves us. He wants us to treat everyone we meet with kindness.

When we are kind to everyone we become more like Jesus Christ.  It makes us feel happy and makes others feel happy too.  Heavenly Father is proud of us when we love others no matter what they look like.

Relay the following story...
Emma's family was taking a very special vacation.  They were visiting Disney World for the very first time!  Emma was so excited and so were her brothers.  On Saturday the rode an airplane all the way from their home in Utah to Florida.  On Sunday morning Emma's mom woke her up early.

"It's time to get ready for church!" her Mom said.

"We're going to church in Disney World!?!" Emma asked excitedly.

"No, silly. Dad and I found a LDS church nearby our hotel and we thought it would be a fun new experience to go to a different Ward.  I packed you a dress.  Put it on and let's get ready to go!" her Mom said.

When the family got to church, Emma noticed that the building looked a lot like their church building back home in Utah.

Emma's family went into the chapel and sat down for Sacrament Meeting.  Emma began to look around at all of the different people.  Something was different.  The members of this Ward didn't look exactly the same as her home Ward.  She saw lots of family with dark skin and dark hair. Families with light skin and very dark hair and lots of different colors in between.

Emma began to feel a bit nervous.

In Primary Emma sat down to a girl with dark skin, dark brown eyes and curly dark hair.  Emma sat quietly and felt shy.  The girl next to her turned to Emma and smiled.

"I'm Alexia! What's your name?" she asked.

Soon Emma and Alexia were talking.  They both loved Barbies and ponies.  They were both going into 2nd grade after the Summer.  They both had a little brother and their favorite color was purple.  After Primary was over, Emma and Alexia were having so much fun that Emma was sad when it was time to leave.  Emma realized she had forgotten all about how different they were and  instead she thought about how much they were the same.  Emma learned that no matter how we look, a lot of us are the same on the inside.
When we talk to people and get to know them we realize that no matter how we look we are all important to Heavenly Father and we are all His children. 

Bear your testimony about the beauty of our differences.  Share a time when you had a good friend who seemed very different from you, but with whom you had a lot in common.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Practice Song: If you are teaching your family the AUGUST Song of the Month, go over the words and music with your family.


READ STORY from The Friend magazine. Make cookies like the girl in the story and take them to a new friend (this can be neighbors, less-active members, or an elderly church member).

1. Fold paper in an accordion style. Use scissors to create a paper doll chain as seen below.
2. Have children color and decorate each paper doll in their chain differently. They may only use each skin tone once and each hair color once.
3. Reinforce the teaching that everyone on earth are our brothers and sisters and are all children of God.

Treat: M&M Guessing Game

1. Open bag, but keep M&M's inside and put of sight. Blindfold one child and then take one M&M out of the bag.  Show everyone else in the family the color.
2. Place it in the mouth of the blindfolded child and have them guess which color it is. 
3. Do this five different times, keeping track of how often they are right.
4. Switch players and blindfold another family member.
5. Reinforce the teaching the colors on the outside of the M&M made no difference to what was inside.  They were all the same, even though the outsides were different.

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A Year of FHE // A free Family Home Evening lesson to teach small kids about how each of us is a Child of God, true beauty, and  celebrating our physical differences. Includes a scripture, song, lesson, activity, and a treat that is also an object lesson! #lds #fhe #selfesteem #diversity

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I'm soo grateful I came across this page. I love the lessons and I know the kids will love them too. This will be my lesson for the first day of club this coming saturday. God bless u!

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I really like the little stories, I am trying to put together a VBS on being a special child of God. Thanks for this story.

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What Friend month is that from? Please

Emilie // A Year of FHE said...

The story is included in the lesson download.

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