Eva's 'Title of Liberty'

Sorry things have not been exactly following schedule on this blog recently.  Our family is moving on July 1 to West Chester, PA and there is much to do.  We have also all been sick for the past week and a half!  Life is busy.  However, I have written the lessons for the rest of the month already so they will be posting on time on Saturday mornings as scheduled. 

I also have some pretty great things to tell you about this month's new sponsor, STITCHEROOS, tomorrow.

Until then enjoy this look into the family psyche.

Last nigth's lesson on Captain Moroni went well.  It was a quick one since we had a late dinner.  The girls LOVED making their own 'Title of Liberty'.  We talked about drawing or writing the thing which was most important to us.  Flags started being made with references to family, faith, love and home.  However, Evangeline (5 years) added an item very close to her heart...much more so than family or faith...


Classic family home evening moment.

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