Spring Break: NO Lesson

My kids are still off from school and we never got a chance to dye our Easter eggs this year.  So, I am taking a week off for my own Spring Break!

I tried to write a lesson on priorities, as planned, and realized after 2 hours that the concept of prioritizing is too complex for small children, especially when a lot of their decisions on use of time are set by their parents.

You may choose any lessons from my archives or use an Easter lesson from past years to reinforce yesterday's holiday.

I'll be back next week!

Thanks for reading!

2 Way Righteous Comments:

Anonymous said...

Good for you, enjoy your break! Thank you for sharing such awesomeness with the world! You are a wonderful example of letting your light shine, following the prophet and serving others!

MaryAnn said...

I think we make prioritizing a tougher concept to understand, as adults, than it really is. Children are very good at prioritizing on a basic level. Eat, discover, express love, experience and remember not to repeat the bad experiences. But I get what you mean about trying to apply it to an adult view for FHE. Any way, this is all just a very long winded way of saying maybe we can learn from out children to prioritize love and trust and happiness a little higher (Speaking to myself a little here, too.)

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