Our Family Follow-Up

Our family sat down last week for Family Home Evening and had this lesson about Working Hard. We each took a turn saying how we felt about hard work.  

Ella: It's boring.  
Evangeline: It makes me tired.  
Daddy: Sometimes I don't like it very much.  
Mommy: I hate it. I would much rather do something fun.

 But we discussed why it's important. Why God wants us to work hard. How it can make us feel when we're finished. And how we can make it more fun as a family.

We finished by having the girls decorate chore charts and we talked about and agreed on simple chores for them to do each day.  Ella's chore chart is shown below. I only had 4 chores for her to start with, but she wanted to fill all six slots...who was I to argue?

It seemed to go well. I am hoping it will stick...for me as well as for them!  When it comes to housework, I am ultra-lazy with a dash of slothfulness. I hate hard work, but I believe it's important so I feel an additional push to lead by example.

1. I will make my bed.
2. Help set the table
3. I will tidy the shelf
4. Dirty clothes in the hamper
5. Put my pj's on my pillow (which should have been no.2)
6. Put my clothes on the hanger (outfit for the next day)

This week we re-printed the charts and I drew in pictures (since my 5 year old was not able to read the words). Here's what the updated charts look like...
Did YOU try the chore charts?  Is it working?

This Saturday we have our scheduled Service Project at our local county museum, cleaning up the grounds and gardening. I am so NOT excited for it, but I decided to put my money where my mouth is and be an example.

4 Way Righteous Comments:

Tessa Ann* said...

You are an amazing mom, Em. What a neat idea- I can't wait to do these things with Annalee when she's older

roxanne said...

You're awesome. I hate hard work, too. Alas, it must be done! Way to set the example.

Trevor and Angie said...

Do you have a link to print the chore chart with the pictures on it? I would love to use this for my three year old and pictures would be great! Thank you, I just found your blog and I am going crazy printing things and planning to be better about FHE. THANK YOU!!!

Amelie said...

Thank you!
I am a single mother with three children all of them of preschool age so I know how important keeping organised. The eldest child I raised with a variety of printable charts. The stars chore chart works best. We stopped using star maps of household chores because we need too many of them. Now I use the Manini app for three children. These are the same printable cards but in the phone. In the app, you can mark the completion of tasks and children like it very much. And the app has a goal Board that lists all chores and self-care for kids under the age of 5. We mark together with the children the tasks that have already been mastered. Also they actually ask for tasks themselves to make a mark the task. I felt much better. And I have time to take self-care.

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