Our Family Follow Up

Oh man, I made a mistake.
I tried to have FHE last night around the dinner table. 

Here's why FHE around the dinner table doesn't work:

Me: And tonight's song will be...
One of my kids: ...I want to sit in that chair! You always sit by the baby!
Me: ...If You're Happy. Can we all sing....
One of my kids:  ...What are these gross green things in my pasta. Are these beans?!!
The Hubbs: Wait aren't we going to say a prayer?
Me: We just said a prayer over dinner 2 minutes ago.
The Hubbs: But that wasn't the FHE prayer. Should we pray again?
Me: Can we just sing? If you're happy and you know it clap your....
One of my kids: I hate this dinner!  Ella's looking at me!
Me:  Now for the lesson. Each of us has a......

(crash! drink is spilled)

One of my kids: Mom! Eva spilled her drink and the milk touched the bottom of my plate! Gross!
One of my kids: It was an accident!
Me: ...and I know that the church is....
One of my kids: Can I be done now? Can I have dessert? We never have dessert!!!
Me: ...Amen.

Never again, people.
Never. Again.

5 Way Righteous Comments:

JessieMomma said...

OH THANK YOU! This sounds JUST like my family, thank you for helping me to feel normal! LOL I actually prefer to do FHE at the table.... but not during dinner. And usually it is after a great deal of dinner clearing drama.... perfection is most certainly not a part of our FHE these days!

Kim said...

This morning my 4 year old built a tractor out of interlocking blocks. His 2 year old brother destroyed it. "Mom, Benji turned my tractor into a saw!" he said. "Thank you for not getting angry at Benji," I answered, "Usually you would."

"Well, in our lesson last night I learned that it wouldn't have made our family happy!"

Thank you so much for your lesson!!

Cathoux said...

We usually START our FHE at the table (Song, Opening prayer - including blessing of the food -, than we eat while we make the announcements for the week and have a family counsil if needed). THEN, we go in the living room for the rest of FHE: lesson, activity, ...
By the way, I often visit your blog to get ideas for our FHE. I have to translate it (we speak French) and I can't always use your "printables", but it's always full of great ideas! Thank you!

Gretchen said...

ROTFL. I love it. To be fair, my hubby and I don't have kids yet, and this sounds like our FHE. Lol. So hang in there!

Christy Marshall said...

I was laughing reading your post. Sorry to laugh at your experience but it is so good to know others have a hard time doing FHE with children!

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