Emilie at T.O.F.W. - Day Two

Day two was....FANTASTIC! 

We got there just as the presentations started and the entire line-up of Day 2 presenters went on stage and did a musical skit which was very fun!  We were all set up for a great day.

(The Program) 

Mariama Kallon (Speaker) I adored this speaker from the first 30 seconds of her talk until the very end.  Although she shared some very sad stories, her energy and happiness shone though and started off the day right.  And she was hilarious!  After hearing her speak you realize just how blessed we are.  She challenged each of us to not take the Gospel of Jesus Christ for granted.

Sara Wells and Kate Jones (Speakers) The OUR BEST BITES girls!  I thought these two women were going to talk about cooking, their blog's rise to popularity and other less spiritual topics, but there talk was so much more than that!  They spoke of not comparing ourselves to other women (or Pinterest) and shared truly meaningful insights onto their favorite memories they each had with their mothers. I felt completely inspired to tackle Motherhood with more passion and patience, while knowing that I need not be perfect.  They were both very funny as well. (Oh, and I own their cookbook and it's amazing. Buy it. Seriously).

Anthony Sweat (Speaker)  After the disconnect I felt with the first male speaker, I was hesitant, but I loved this speaker. He was funny and relatable, but gave amazing insights into the scriptures and the power of connection to divinity.  His talk changed the way I feel about the concept of Charity.  It was wonderful.

Mercy River (Speakers/Musical Guests) Each member of the three woman group spoke and different topics and each was wonderful.  They sang throughout the day and their voices and songs were beautiful. I found them very uplifting.

Wendy Ulrich (Speaker) Wendy spoke on apologies and forgiveness.  I just loved her take on increasing our happiness and being able to change the past by humbling ourselves enough to apologize. Her talk was an excellent blend of doctrine and life experience and she testified with wonderful power and I felt it was inspiring across a good range of ages. Some talks seemed really geared towards young (and frazzled) moms, but Wendy's talk was universal. I loved her talk.

Emily Freeman (Speaker)  As the day winded down I started to feel a bit overflowing (and therefore full) of spiritual talks. As the final speaker came on I was fading fast.  However, she turned out to be one of my favorites of the entire conference. Emily spoke of trusting God and his plan by remaining faithful in the midst of our journey on earth.  She gave awesome personal examples and told a really touching story of following the spirit and trusting in it.  I cried my eyes out, as did everyone else. I truly beautiful and inspiring talk.

*     *     *     *     *

Overall I had a wonderful time at Time Out for Women.  If you have an opportunity to go, grab a few girlfriends and treat yourself to a weekend of fun, inspiration and togetherness.

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Anonymous said...

I just went to TOFW last weekend here in Texas. Mercy River and The Best Bite gals were both there. Was sooo wonderful. Love TOFW!!

Anonymous said...

I love TOFW! I've been twice now and I am planning on going 2 more times this year! :) I love Mercy River...they are pretty much all I listen to these days! Emily Freeman is also one of my favorites, she's so likeable and is so tuned into the spirit! :)

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