Church News this Week

The church has come out with a brand new video to celebrate Easter.

This video is a compilation of several Bible Videos focused on the Savior’s last week on earth. It has been edited with new music and graphics to fit into this extended format.  Sharing this video with others is SO easy. Simply click on the SHARE button after viewing to link to Facebook and other social media.  

What a great way to spread the message of Easter this week! These videos have the single goal of helping others gain a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ.

I love Him and I know he is the only way back to our Father. I hope that in some, small way this blog helps me share the message of his divine ministry and purpose. I pray each and every one of you has a wonderful and meaningful EASTER!

NOTE:  I highly recommend watching this yourself before sharing it with your children to determine if you think it is appropriate for their viewing. As with many Easter videos, the scenes leading up to and including the crucifixion may be too vivid for children.

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