Year 03 / Lesson 07: Samson's Spiritual Strength

What You'll Need: scriptures, GAK/GAB pictures of correct choices like prayer, scripture study, baptism, etc. (or strips of paper to create word strips), scissors, at least two empty soda cans, Samson folding scene, Samson coloring page, coloring tools, gluestick.

Quote:  "...we each have moments of spiritual power, moments of inspiration and revelation. We must sink them deep into the chambers of our souls. As we do, we prepare our spiritual home storage for moments of personal difficulty." - Neil L. Andersen

Opening Song: I Will Be Valiant (PCS #162)


Attention Activity - Have family members pull sticks (a game Joseph Smith enjoyed). To pull sticks, have two kids sit on the floor facing each other, legs extended, knees bent, and the soles of their feet touching. Have each child grasp the same large stick (or broom handle) and try to pull the other up until one is standing on his feet.

- How do muscles help us?

When we exercise our muscles they become strong and we are able to do more. When we do not use them our muscles become smaller and more weak. Exercise helps us develop strong muscles.

Our spirits also need to grow stronger.

- How can we become stronger spiritually? (By keeping our baptismal covenants, obeying our parents, praying, attending church, reading the scriptures, and so on.)

- Why is it important to become spiritually strong? (So we can avoid temptation, be guided in our decisions by the Holy Ghost, and know good from evil.)

We need to develop spiritual strength just as we need to develop physical strength.

There is a story in the Bible about a man with great physical strength and how he used it. His name was Samson.

Samson was called by the Lord to help free the Israelites from the Philistines. Samson’s mission would require physical strength. The Lord made a covenant with Samson that as long as he obeyed the Lord, he would be physically strong. Samson’s long hair was a sign of this covenant.

Samson was so strong he killed a lion with just his hands and he killed many wicked Philistines. The Philistines wanted to know how Samson had such amazing strength.

Samson really liked a girl named Delilah. One day a Philistine came to Delilah and told her that if she would find out what made Samson so strong he would give her lots of money. Samson would not tell her, but she bugged him every single day until he couldn't stand it anymore. Finally he told her that the Lord promised him he would have great strength as long as he didn't cut his hair.

(display pair of scissors)

That night Delilah waited until Samson was asleep and cut his hair off. His strength was gone. Once Samson's hair was cut and he lost his physical strength he was captured by the Philistines and put in prison.

- What did the Philistines offer Delilah if she would help them capture Samson?
- Why do you think people are sometimes tempted to do wrong for money? How can we avoid being tempted by riches?

Samson’s strength was not actually in his hair. His hair was a sign of his promise with the Lord. When Samson broke his covenant by sinning, the Lord took away his physical strength.

- Which kind of strength do you think is more important, physical or spiritual? Why?

In prison, Samson repented and slowly his hair grew back. Sometimes the Philistines would bring him out of the prison to make fun of Samson. He asked if they would let him lean on a pillar of the temple because he was tired. Samson prayed and asked the Lord, "And Samson called unto the Lord, and said, O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee..." (Judges 16:28). The Lord strengthened Samson and he pushed against the pillars of the temple and it came crashing down, killing the wicked Philistines and Samson.

It is good to be strong physically, but it is much more important to be strong spiritually. Some people are unable to develop physical strength, but anyone who tries can develop spiritual strength by keeping covenants and obeying commandments.

When people become spiritually weak they might give in to temptations, sin, lose the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and they might lose the ability to fulfill their callings and bless others.

( show gospel art pictures or write word strips of good decisions which increase spiritual strength) 

We can develop the spiritual strength we need to live the way Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to live by attending church, reading the scriptures, choosing the right and praying.If we do those things the Lord will make us spiritually strong.  When we are spiritually strong we can do anything the Lord asks of us and we will be happy.

Bear your testimony about gaining spiritual power and how it helps you during times of temptation.  Tell of a time when keeping your covenants made you spiritually strong.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Activity: Choose from the following activities as they best suit your family.

1. Object Lesson Activity - Soda Can Strength
Show your children an empty pop can, place it on the floor, and put your foot on it and balance your weight over it while holding onto the back of a chair. Let your children step on it and try to balance their weight on it also. Comment on how strong the can is.

Tell the children that Samson didn't always do what he was supposed to do. He did a bad thing when he wanted to please Delilah more than God. When we break our promises with Heavenly Father like Samson did it is like putting a dent in this can. (Place a dent in the can.) Now what do you think will happen if I try to step on this can? (Show your children how the can cannot hold your weight any longer.)

This is what sin does to our lives, and what it did to Samson's life. But remember, when we ask God to forgive us, he takes away our sins and it is like we have no more dents. (Show your children a new can.) God makes us strong again. (Let your children try the demonstration on other cans.)

2. Samson Craft Activity
(included in lesson download)

3. Samson Coloring Page
(included in lesson download)

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