Our Family: Celebrating our Heritage

Last night our family did the Where in the World? FHE lesson recently. It went really well! We decided to just cover two countries (both from my side). Our kids LOVED coloring the maps (although the map keys were totally lost on them). They also loved learning to say 'hello' in different languages.

We decided to cover my father's parents. They were from Germany and Ukraine. We decided on German pancake for our treat and Ukrainian decorated eggs for our activity. I felt very clever, since it meant I could blow the 6 eggs we needed for the recipe and then our kids could decorate the blown egg shells. I printed out this picture to show them how the Ukrainian eggs look.

Upon reflecting on actually coloring the shells with a white crayon and then dipping them in dye (I see a huge mess coming on) I decided to have them color the eggs with fine point sharpies instead.  They loved it!  Overall I thought the entire Family Home Evening went very well!

( Banjo - age 4 - coloring her Ukrainian egg )

( Chicken's finished Ukrainian egg - age 6 )

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Lindsay said...

We did our family night on Sunday night. The lesson worked out great, our girls loved it. Thanks for making such a great lesson plan for the rest of us!

Jessi said...

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