Sponsor Spotlight...from LAST month!

Alright, so last month was ca-raze-zay! 
Very busy and that made me very scatter-brained!

So I am just now sharing my adorable necklace from
Just Be Jewelry with you.

You get to choose the names or phrase to put on there and I chose to go with my chidlren's nicknames. Chicken, Fifi and Coco.
Here's what it looks like.

What I love about this necklace:
- It is a good weight. You can tell it is quality and not flimsy at all.
- It is really chic.
- I love the personalization aspect.
- It comes with a chain (not many Etsy shops do that).

What I suggest when you order one:
- I would specify in what order and where you want the names. If I could re-order this I would specify that I wanted "Chicken" on the top line with a dot one each side and with "Fifi" and "Coco" on the bottom line with a dot between. 
- Also I didn't realize I could choose between all caps and lowercase.  The more communication you give the better!

This is their image where I like the spacing and dotting better...

SO CUTE, right?
These would make SUCH a fab Holiday gift.
Visit JUST BE JEWELRY and snag one (or two or three) today!

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