Song of the Month: January 2012

Click here to print out this lyric chart
by Emilie Ahern {that's me!}
to help children learn words and concepts*.

*Please Note: This song chart is for an alternate verse which I wrote for this month's theme and does not include the original verses.  The lyrics included in this chart are as follows:

I love to see the Temple
And when I go inside
I'll claim the promised blessings
For others who have died

For the Temple is a special place
Where we can serve each other
Everyone who's lived upon the earth
Is my sister or my brother

6 Way Righteous Comments:

Carrie said...

I just have to say: You are so cool! I discovered your blog about a month ago. I wanted to do a "real" lesson, because we were having friends over for FHE, and I was so impressed with it that we've decided to use your lessons every week this year. We've decided to use your 2011 year, because it looks like a great place to start.
Anyway, thanks for doing this. You are awesome!

Lindsay said...

I am following you now! I can't wait to have this as a great resource for the new year!

Emily Foley said...

Dude, you're writing song lyrics now too? Wow.

Kristina said...

I came here via Pinterest, and I just wanted to tell you I love the verse that you wrote! At first I thought it was a recent, official addition to the original that I just hadn't heard about yet! Good job!

Mama said...

Thank you for all your hard work. Just found your site via pinterest and imagine I will be using it the rest of the year!!! :)

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