Year 3 Weekly Lesson Plans

*Missing Lesson plans will be added soon!

Theme: Family History
Song: I Love to See the Temple (Alternate Verse)

Lesson 01: OFF
Lesson 02: Where in the World?
Lesson 03: Family History + Temple Work
Lesson 04: A History of my Own
Lesson 05: A Legacy of Faith

Theme: Bible Stories
Song: I Think When I Read That Sweet Story

Lesson 06: Abraham and Isaac
Lesson 07: Samson's Spiritual Strength
Lesson 08: Woman at the Well
Lesson 09: The Lord Calls Samuel

Theme: Our Earthly Bodies
Song: The Lord Gave Me a Temple

Lesson 10: Health & Exercise
Lesson 11: Loving those with Disabilities
Lesson 12: Appreciating the Elderly
Lesson 13: Death is a part of Life

Theme: Happiness
Song: Smiles

Lesson 14: True Happiness
Lesson 15: My Spring Break - No Lesson
Lesson 16: Working Hard
Lesson 17: Serving in Our Community
Lesson 18: An Attitude of Happiness

Theme: Everyday Life
Song: I'll Seek the Lord Early

Lesson 19: Peer Pressure
Lesson : Clean Speech
Lesson : OFF - Surgery
Lesson : OFF - Surgery

Theme: Book of Mormon Stories
Song: The Golden Plates

Lesson 23: Enos
Lesson 24: Captain Moroni
Lesson 25: The Brother of Jared
Lesson 26: King Benjamin

July - OFF for Family Move.

Theme: My Global Family
Song: Every Star is Different

Lesson 31: God Made us Different
Lesson 32: Celebrating Diversity
Lesson 33: Different Kinds of Families (Adoption)
Lesson 34: OFF for Vacation

Theme: Parables of Jesus
Song: The Wise Man & the Foolish Man

Lesson 35: OFF for Vacation
Lesson 36: Wise and Foolish Man
Lesson 37: The Prodigal Son
Lesson 38: Consider the Lilies

Theme: Creativity and the Arts
Song: Fun To Do

Lesson 39: We Are Creative
Lesson 40: Appreciating Music
Lesson 41: OFF
Lesson 42: Appreciating Art
Lesson 43: OFF

30 Way Righteous Comments:

Emily said...

You are awesome!! I can't wait!! These lessons will be great! I just know it! Thanks for all you do!

The Matthews Family said...


Emster said...

This is great!!! One of my goals is to do FHE regularly now that my wee ones are a bit older. Thank you!

Amy said...

yes you are crazy (to answer your question on your other blog) but crazy AMAZING! I love that you have it all mapped out and organized already. I wish..I wish...

HB Redbird said...

Thank you so much. You are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found you! Love your lessons. They are perfect for my family(ages 8,5,3,1)! I've told a lot of my friends about you! Thank you for the wonderful lessons! By the way, my 5 year old's primary teacher couldn't believe he knew who President Uchtdorf was-name & face, but he did thanks to your lesson :)

Becca B said...

Yeah! i cant wait to get started! I just wanted to point out that you had the prodigal son down twice in feb and sept, I didn't know if that was intentional or an accident. Thanks again for all the work you are putting into this!

Anonymous said...

THank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just what we need!

Ginger said...

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to these lessons.

Casey Lu said...

Can't wait!!! This will definitely help my family to have an actual theme and then go from there instead of bouncing around with topics each week! Thanks!

Craner Family said...

I found your website via pinterest. It has been really fun to browse around your blog and get great ideas for FHE. Our goal is to have 100% FHE this year, and thanks to your amazing blog [not to mention all your brilliant ideas; and the work you undertake to post all of this], we will possibly get the best percentage yet!, I downloaded your "House of Order" sheet. :) LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

Thanks for such a cute site and I am so much more motivated and excited to get FHE done! Thanks for sharing your talent!

Malerie said...

Wow! I am also a visitor from Pinterest. You are incredibly talented and organized. As my kids are getting a little bit older and can sit still longer than 2 minutes of FHE, I was feeling the need to enhance our lessons. You have such great ideas and are so so generous to share them with all of us. Thank you so much!

Pinkie Pie said...

Emilie loving this site.. I am the FHE specialist and am wondering if there is a way to download a month at a time? I am disabled and going to church once and printing would be awesome. Thnks

The Carter Family said...

I came across your blog site and am very excited to share it with my grown kids with young families! Thank you for sharing! You have put an enormous amount of time and work into this site and I appreciate it so much, thank you! I love how it is very oriented around the gospel using the scriptures and the monthly themes and songs! There are so many great topics! You've done a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOSH!!! I just found your site!! Where have you been all my life??? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I appreciate all of your hard work on my behalf. Uh-mazing site!! Thanks again!

Sharon Wales said...

I just found this site today and I am so excited to start using your FHE lesson plans, thanks sooo much!

Heather said...

I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for all of the work you put into these lessons. I am a new mom, and I had to go back to work unexpectedly this year. FHE is so important to us, but I havn't been able to put the time into preparing the way that I want to. THANK YOU for making this available =)

Ju said...

I came across your blog at the end of last year and forgot to bookmark it... I've been struggling with FHE this entire year, just had baby #5, and going to school full time has put FHE on the back burner. My oldest daughter (8) keeps asking when we are going to do it. I just scoured the internet to find your blog again and am so happy!! I agree with all the other comments YOU ARE AMAZING to put together such an organized site. I thrive on organization and am so excited put FHE back into top priority.

Anonymous said...

Emilie- Thank You! Your sight inspires and excites me. We love Family Home Evening and you help to make it easier. I love all your downloads and song helps, and the articles of faith helps too. Just wondering if you create images in Adobe Illustrator, if so have you considered saving them as .svg or .ai so I could remove and change some colors (it's only a suggestion. Thanks for all you do!

Elisa said...

THANK YOU for your site!! I love you! I am determined to be better at FHE for our three little girls and this has helped me SO much! Thank you for sharing this talent with others, it is truly a wonderful service!

Dawn said...

Hi. I found your site a couple of months ago. We hold our Family Home Evenings on a Sunday and your site has been a huge blessing to me! Thank you for sharing.

Apiesy said...

You Rock! Thanks for doing this! I have tons of FHE lessons from several places, but none on Peer Pressure! I'm so glad you had it on here!

Anonymous said...

gracias por este blog lo encontre y me encanto, el unico problema es que tardo mucho para poder traducirlo pero tienes ideas muy buenas GRACIAS

Anonymous said...

Dankon por la ideoj! Ili estas vere bone! ( Esperanto for Thanks for the ideas! They're really good!)

Unknown said...

You are Amazing!!! Thank you for Sharing all these wonderful lessons with us!!!

kaylers said...

Thank you for this website. Whenever I have a topic in mind for FHE, I've been coming here lately and I've been able to find ideas for ours. Thank you so much

Jenny Wijaya said...


Jenny Wijaya said...

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John said...

do you have any education related plan so we can apply and improve our position in class?

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