Featured on Deseret News website!

Wowza!  I was surprised this past weekend to see that this blog was mentioned on the Deseret News website.

One of their bloggers wrote an online article about special FHE ideas to celebrate Christmas in a Christ-Centered way and she mentioned my 2011 Lesson Holidays of Other Faiths.

What a fun surprise on a Sunday night!

3 Way Righteous Comments:

Emily said...

Congrats! That's awesome! We love your FHE ideas. We are grateful for the time you put into making our FHE's great. Thank you!

The Matthews Family said...

That's awesome! Seriously, I have shared your blog with SO many people! In fact, a few months ago I taught a Relief Society Meeting called, "Teaching Children the Gospel" and your blog was a highlight of my class! Thank you for all you do to make FHE easier for all of us!

lorelie said...

Congrats to you! That's awesome. I have made a new goal for myself to use your fantastic ideas during 2012. I always read through them but find that actually DOING a lesson at all is a challenge. You've made it as easy as possible, so what's my excuse?! I'm going to get on it! Thanks for all of your time and efforts that benefit so many of us.

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