Another Year of FHE

I made it!  I planned and shared another Year of FHE.
Will I be back in 2012?  I think so.
But I need your help.

PLEASE leave a comment here with lesson topic suggestions for 2012.
Before you add one try searching for the term in the search bar to make sure it hasn't been covered.

I may continue in 2012 if we can get enough good ideas.

Here are a few I already thought of...
- Health & Exercise
- Understanding Death
- Peer Pressure
- Gossip
- More Bible and BOM stories (of course).
- Internet Safety
- Stranger Danger
- Celebrating Diversity (to go along with the One in a Million campaign)
- Adoption
- Genealogy
- Appreciating Music (learning to lead music)
- The Armor of God
- Loving the Elderly
- Serving in our community
- Working Hard
- Priorities
- Using the Children's Friend magazine.
- Happiness
- You are not alone
- Writing a personal history
- All About Me
- Talents
- Family Member Showcase
- Conquering Fears
- What is Heaven like?
- Disabilities (Loving and helping those with)
- Having a good Attitude
- Being reliable (keeping your word/honoring your commitments)


18 Way Righteous Comments:

HB Redbird said...

Well you mentioned many that I was thinking of. Important events for next year are: leap year, presidential election, and supposed end of times.

Emily said...

I thought about journal keeping. :)

Jaymerz said...

I wouldn't mind topic repeats either, some topics you can never have to many lessons on. As a family this year we are trying to follow the 2012 Primary outline so any of those topics would be great. I know the first month is on Agency but that is as far as I have gotten in my planning. Thanks for all you do, your lessons have been a huge help to our family!!

Anonymous said...

I know you mentioned priesthood but just as a suggestion for that maybe compare priesthood to food like a hamburger to a starving man on an island. We can have that hamburger but if we dont eat it we wont be able to gain its benefits i.e. the flavor, nutrition out body needs, energy, calories etc like the priesthood we can "have" the priesthood but if we dont use it like it should be used its is basically useless. If callings are not performed and blessongs not given when asked for and spirit not used the proesthood becomes uselss like the hamburger to the starving man who wont eat it. Maybe that will be something fun to do for that subject.

Anonymous said...

Also we are doing a year of service. Every month we will meet as a family and decide on a group or charity that we can perform a service for everything from donating dog food to a shelter to actually going and donating time. So every month we will do this and in doing this we will learn more about our community and all of the groups and charities that are in our community and what help they need and in that we will discover our blessings...

kukukellie said...
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The Matthews Family said...

I would like to have more holiday/season specific FHEs this year. For instance, more FHEs about the true meaning of Christmas or Easter, or do more love FHEs for February for Valentine's Day. I want to do more FHEs that will tie into the holidays to teach the kids that they aren't just about presents/food/treats/etc! My kids are also quite young, so I'm thinking this will help them put it all into practice! Thanks for all you do! ; )

Anonymous said...

What about doing a personal safety, knowing address and phone number and lessons on what to do in emergencies such as fire danger, stop drop and roll, calling 911, ect.

Anonymous said...

What about doing a personal safety, knowing address and phone number and lessons on what to do in emergencies such as fire danger, stop drop and roll, calling 911, ect.


Amber said...

All of those sound great! I searched for modesty but didn't find it...which can't be right I thought I saw that lesson. But that's my idea. :)

Becca B said...

i just found your blog and i am so excited that you are going ahead with 2012. I really liked the idea of having a theme for each month, it makes it easy to plan lessons and tie in activities. An idea for the holiday season could be "Christmas Around the World"

Tristan said...

I wanted to say I've just found your site and look forward to poking around.

On topic - my family follows the Primary themes for the year (each month has weekly subtopics!) so any lessons to match that would be a hit here. I'm planning on searching your archives to see what I can match up already, too.

Thanks! Anything to make FHE more likely to happen is great - especially in my busy family. We welcome baby #7 in less than 2 weeks. He's coming with some physical challenges and surgeries. My other children are 10, 7, 6, 4, 2, 1, so we've got a lot going on here.

Mrs. Wright said...

Hi Emilie! I've been meaning to thank you for some time for all the effort you put into organizing all of these lessons!!! I've been so impressed from the moment I stumbled upon this blog and you have to know how much it helps!! We have a one and two year old so keeping the lessons simple are a bonus. I LOVE the monthly themes and think it would be wise to tie into the holidays somehow. Maybe some lessons on (knowing who you are) a child of God, manners, SHARING, teaching them their important and of worth, teaching them how much their loved (john 3:16) -would be fun for vday. Anything you do I know will be great!! BTW you must know about a week after we did the 911 emergency lesson (which my 2yr old LOVED) our house almost caught on fire!! Also, the alarm was accidently pulled in church while our little guy was in nursery. Because of this lesson he was prepared and knew what was going on. How thankful we've been for having taught him. I don't think I would have thought to have that as a lesson if it weren't for you and this blog. Especially at his age. Knowledge certainly is power!! THANK YOU!!...Please keep this blog going. I know its making a difference!! :)

Marisa said...

How about humility?

stevie kay said...

I know you already have your lessons planned (and they look great!) but I was thinking that if you ever had a week you couldn't get a lesson up, it would be a great opportunity to repost lessons on emergency preparedness, or an important doctrine like the plan of salvation. With young children, it seems like those are things we need to go over more than once.

Carmella S. Blitch said...

Please do keep doing this! My suggestion is Esteem. Like self esteem and the family. Praising family members.

Jenny Wijaya said...

Jenny Wijaya said...

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