Year 02 / Lesson 41: Faith


What You'll Need: scriptures, GAK 240: Jesus the Christ, GAK 213: Christ Healing a Blind Man, plastic cups, scotch tape, planting soil, popsicle sticks, sunflower seeds, printed faith plant labels, bible heroes crossword, pen/pencil.

Scripture: Ether 12:6 - And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

Opening Song: Faith (PCS #96)


(Think of a location that you have been to that your children have not been to before.  Places that excite kids are best. Disneyland, New York City, Disneyworld, etc.  I will use Disneyland as an example.)

- Have you ever been to Disneyland?
- If not, then how do you know it really exists? (others who have been there have told them about it).

(Tell your chidlren about Disneyland. What you did, what it looks like, etc.)

- But how do you know it's real if just others tell you and you haven't seen it for yourself?

Today we are talking about FAITH. Faith means believing in something or someone that you have never seen yourself, but you believe anyway.

(show GAK 240: Jesus the Christ)

- Who is this? (Jesus Christ)
- Do you have a memory of meeting Jesus face to face? (no)
- Then how do you know he is real? (other people who did meet him testify)

(Hold up a set of scriptures.)

The scriptures are filled with stories about Jesus Christ. These stories are told be people who knew him.  Just like I have been to Disneyland and told you about it so you can believe to, these righteous Prophets tell us about Jesus Christ.  When we hear their words we can choose to believe them, even though we have not seen Jesus ourselves that we can remember.  This belief is called faith.

In the Bible we learn about a man named Bartimaeus.  He had never seen or met Jesus.

(show GAK 213: Christ Healing a Blind Man)

One day he heard that Jesus was coming, he cried out for Jesus to have mercy on him. Many people told Bartimaeus not to bother Jesus and to be quiet. But Jesus heard Bartimaeus and asked to have Bartimaeus brought to him. Bartimaeus asked Jesus to heal him so that he could see.  I am going to read a scripture that tells what happened.

And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.  (Mark 10:52)

- What happened to Bartimaeus? (Jesus healed him. Bartimaeus could see.)

Jesus said that Bartimaeus was healed because he had faith. Bartimaeus believed that Jesus could heal him.

- What does the story of Bartimaeus help us know about Jesus? (Jesus loves us and will help us if we have faith in him.)

Prophets today also testify of Jesus Christ.  We can read their testimonies in church magazines and hear them during General Conference.  We have a special helper who can help us know what is true.  The Holy Ghost sends feelings to our hearts to tell us what is true.  He will tell our hearts that Jesus Christ is real. That he loves us and that he died for us.

Bear your testimony about the power of faith.  Share with your children how your faith in Jesus Christ has effected your life, changed your heart and given you hope.Share your testimony of Jesus Christ.
(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Activity: Choose from the following activities as they best suit your family.

Faith is knowing the sun will rise, (arms form a half-circle over head)
lighting each new day. (arms slowly drop to shoulder level)
Faith is knowing the Lord will hear (cup hands behind ears)
my prayers each time I pray. (hands together as in prayer)
Faith is like a little seed: (cup left hand and imitate planting a seed with right hand)
If planted, it will grow. (right hand imitates a plant growing from the cupped left hand)
Faith is a swelling within my heart. (place hands over heart)
When I do right, (point right index finger upward)
I know. (touch right index finger to head)



This is such a cute project for familes, Activity Days or Young Womens! Faith seed cards. Just color them, laminate, fix to a popsicle stick and plant seeds to remind you that our faith must be nutrtured. A Year oif 
You can plant a seed, but it needs water, food and light to grow. we must take care of it for it to become strong.  Faith is like a seed. We can plant it by believing in Jesus Christ, but we must then feed it by reading the scriptures, attending church and choosing the right.  Then our faith can grow.

- Fill each cup 2/3 full of planting soil.
- Put 2-3 sunflower seeds in each pot, pushing down 1/2 inch into soil.
- Moisten dirt with water.
- Print sheet of labels onto card stock. 
- Have children color the label for their plant.
- Use scotch tape to adhere labels onto front of cup OR use scotch tape to adhere label to a popsicle stick and stick into soil.
- Set in sunny place. Seeds should sprout within 4-6 days.

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Love this site! I downloaded the printable to use along with a lesson on faith for my Activity Days girls. Thanks for all your hard work in putting these resources together!

Marie said...

Love this site! I downloaded the printable to use along with a lesson on faith for my Activity Days girls. Thanks for all your hard work in putting these resources together!

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