A Weekly Schedule

Hello Blog Friends!

I wanted to let you know that things are settling into a new routine here. When the Church first contacted me about sharing news and previewing curriculum materials for them on this blog I thought it was going to be a rather sporadic gig. Maybe once a month? Well, I was mistaken.

As is always the case with our wonderful church they are on the move and constantly coming out with new and exciting things! So there is a new schedule posted in the sidebar that I will adhere to each week. That way you know just what to expect each day and I hope you will join me!

Weekly Schedule

Next week's lesson posts

Sunday & Monday
Lesson remains up

Sponsor Spotlight/Inspired Words

Our Family Follow-Up

New from LDS HQ

New from LDS HQ stays up

I hope you will come by each day and feel uplifted, inspired and motivated to continue to grow and strengthen your home and family.  Thanks for reading and for your wonderful comments!

P.S.  The FREEBIES page has been updated and you should really check it out.  LOTS of good stuff there.

1 Way Righteous Comments:

Justin and Carrie Pingel said...

I love the paper airplne for Elder Uchtdorf! The kids loved it and it goes perfectly with the pilot motif of his life & talks. I love your blog!

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