A Very Special Book - Part 1

As mentioned here I am reviewing a coming issue (Oct 2011) of The Ensign which is dedicated solely to The Book of Mormon.

Today I wanted to share two really exciting features of this special issue.

First, a Book of Mormon timeline. I am a person who can get mixed up about the major dates and times of this book, especially if it's been a while since I had daily study (yep...it happens often). This issue has a full, tow-page spread of the basic timeline and story points of the Book of Mormon. A great resource!

Second is a new song.  I love Primary songs and hearing little voices sing them out with gusto.  This song is about a story in the Book of Mormon about 2,000 young men who had courage and faith to fight for what was right.

Some of my favorite lyrics from this new song are...

Their faith had made them mighty;
their strength was multiplied.
They fought with pow'r beyond their own,
for God was on their side.

1 Way Righteous Comments:

Emily said...

YES!!! A TIMELINE!!! I'm super excited about this new issue of the Ensign!! Thank you for sharing all your ideas and the new church materials!

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