Inspired Words: Love at Home

( David O. McKay and his wife Emma )

"Homes are more permanent through love. Oh, then, let love abound. Though you fall short in some material matters, study and work and pray to hold your children’s love. Establish and maintain your family hours always. Stay close to your children. Pray, play, work, and worship together."

- President David O. McKay


3 Way Righteous Comments:

Emily said...

Where's the "LIKE" button? Or rather the "LOVE" button?

Thank you for your blog and making our homes better.

Stacey C. said...

I love that, "Establish and maintain your family hours always." Many things may come up that are good, but what is really best? What matters most? Don't let anything cut into FHE night. And establish other important hours where the world just does not matter!

Jenny said...

great reminder

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