Church News this Week: part 1

LOTS of fun new releases from Church headquarters this past week to share.

Book of Mormon Stories:  
Remember these big soft books from your childhood?  I do.  They now have updated videos to go along with them.  I previewed the videos and my kids will LOVE them.  Check it out...

The Book of Mormon Stories video series have gone through a major update and are now available in English in the media library and on YouTube.

The Book of Mormon Stories is an excellent resource for teaching children and youth in the home and at church. An updated version of the New Testament Stories in English and 10 other languages is also available.

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Primary 2012 Sharing Time: The PDF for the Primary 2012 Sharing Time, Choose the Right, is now available.

As a reminder, only 3 copies will be sent to each ward.

Other people can obtain a copy of it through the Primary website or through the online store.

1 Way Righteous Comments:

*katie said...

Very cool! We've been reading these to our twin 4 year olds and they really like them. I'm excited that they can watch them now as well...perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

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