15 Fabulous General Conference Activities - Oct. 2011

01. General Conference Kits by Gluesticks
02. Nursery-Age Conference Packet via Suger Doodle
03. Junior-Primary-Age Conference Packet via Sugar Doodle
04. Senior-Primary-Age Conference Packet via Sugar Doodle

05. Gospel ABC's Quiet Book by A Year of FHE
06. General Conference Bingo via lds.org (with 7 different cards)
07. General Conference Journal (for young kids) by Somewhat Simple
08. Draw the Speaker Coloring Page by A Year of FHE

09. General Conference Treat Buckets by Brown Paper Packages
10. Kids Conference Store by A Mama B's
11. 12 Apostles Memory Game by A Year of FHE
12. Conference Jenga by Little LDS Ideas
13. Conference Question Jar by Prepared Not Scared
14. General Conference Notebook via lds.org
15. Children's Friend Coloring Pages Book by A Year of FHE

11 Way Righteous Comments:

Delsi said...

Hi I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog, I found it 3 weeks ago and have been using your family home evening Ideas thank you so much, it only take me a few minutes and I have a wonderful family home evening ready, and my kids have loved them Thank you so much


lorelie said...

This is great! Thanks so much for putting these together to help us all keep those kiddos involved during conference!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to my General Conference Kits!


Unknown said...

OH ya!!! Way to go Emilie! Love all your ideas! I added your link to my list too!


Reece said...

thanks for putting this together! I love your site!! Thank you so much!

Elisa said...

Great post! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great list of ideas!

Karina said...

thank you

Buchanan Fam said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I just wish there was a Draw the Speaker female template as well!

Vicky said...

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Maddi said...

I love your general authority chain. Do you have an updated version?

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