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So, reading your responses to the Survey was very insightful.  THANKS THANKS THANKS to each of you who took your time to respond!  I really appreciate it!

I thought I would open this up for a little chat.  Feel free to leave your 2 cents in the comments.

I LOVE offering this sight for free.  I feel like I am really helping others.  And maybe using some God-given talents in a way that can help build the Kingdom.  Yay!

This being year two has started to slow a bit for me.  It takes me approx 1-2 hours (and sometimes more, but not often) to write each lesson. And although virtue is its own reward, part of me feels that $1 per lesson is really reasonable. Especially considering that other sites charge around $25 per month. However a good 75% of you would not pay that $1 per lesson.  I was really surprised that many of you felt $4/month was too much to ask.  That's less than the cost of one Jamba Juice for 4-5 researched, thought out, full lesson plans which OFTEN include original artwork/activities by me.

And for those who asked...in the 18 months this blog has been active I have received just 2 donations.

The idea of selling an eBook was mentioned.
Or sponsors?  But where does one find strictly LDS sponsors?

What are your thoughts?

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Lauren F. said...

Perhaps you could offer the archived lessons (the ones you have already done) for free and then charge $1 or so for any new lesson. Or offer one lesson in each topic area for free (as you have them divided in the sidebar) and all others for a nominal fee.

~L said...

$4 a month is reasonable. But I still put I wouldn't pay it, because we are on a strict budget and since there are other resources to make FHE from it's not something I would add into the budget. Even though I LOVE the ease of coming to your site and finding a lesson to do each week.

Unknown said...

$4 a month is a steal! We are also on a strict budget. I am also extremely busy running several businesses and the family. So having awesome lessons already prepared is a huge help...even for a fee.

Asking for sponsorship is a great idea. Also, becoming an affiliate to several places is a great idea, placing ads for items/shops that we, as your readers would buy. You'll get a cut of that.

Even putting together an ebook of 2010's lessons and selling it is an excellent idea. Instead of archiving those for us, put them in a book and sell it for $10-20. I'd totally buy that. It's way less than $1/lesson, but you'd probably sell quite a few.

Anyhow..that's my 2 cents worth. :)

Anonymous said...

I am a Sunday School teacher in a small branch with many new members from countries all over the world and I have used these family home evening lessons over and over again to teach concepts simply and draw new members into the scriptures.
I would be happy to pay such a small amount for the insightful and organized material you provide.

Anonymous said...

If we are thinking about the scriptures ow about "the laborer is worthy of his hire"?
I feel like I have so many irons in the fire I hardly know where to start, and all of a sudden it's Monday night. This woman is giving all of us the motivation and the tools to hold a really meaningful FHE every week.
I'll gladly pay for her efforts.

Anonymous said...

I guess you have to ask yourself why you are doing this then?

Is it something you enjoy and do for your own family anyway and you sincerely like helping others, or do you feel it takes too much time and you should be compensated for your time? Are there copyright issues when pictures and activity pages from church resources are included? It seems like you are really disappointed people aren't thrilled to pay. Mormons are notoriously frugal and this economy stinks!

I think the suggested price is reasonable, but I too would not pay for the material. There are many other resources that provide activities and lessons for free. Sorry.

You could consider sponsors, I know there are ways to do it so you can be selective about what you ads you allow. Cjane and MormonShare both only have 'good' ads, you could email them.

Good luck!

Caity said...

I really like what one person said about asking yourself why you are doing this. My sister has a huge free website offering backgrounds and has run up against this same problem. But partially what draws people to her website is that it is FREE. She's had to find ways to make it worth her time and one way is that she loves doing it. If you don't love doing these lesson plans, then stop. You have a years worth of free lessons plans and people will continue to use them and you won't need to worry about it anymore. Do something you like that you can actually earn money from.

Personally, I hate to sound like a Scrooge but I never pay for stuff like this because there are so many ways and things to get ideas from. To be honest, I haven't even used this site yet because I haven't needed to but have followed in case I'm in a crunch. What you're asking is very reasonable. But I went and started your survey then stopped because I thought, "I haven't asked this woman to offer her stuff for free but I feel like she's trying to make me feel guilty that it is." The same is true of this post. Either figure out a way to keep this free, or charge, or stop doing it and find another way to make money off your talents. Don't turn off your followers by making them feel like they're robbing you. You need to just seriously analyze why you are doing this and if it's still worth it. Good luck!

Emilie said...

Caity I appreciate your feedback. I wasn't trying to make anybody feel guilty. Like I said I LOVE offering this for free.

Life just got a whole lot busier this year and I was trying to prioritize my time while weighing the pros and cons of offering these lessons for free.

Kim said...

Perhaps you could do a yearly fee of $25. Sometimes you see the word "monthly" and it makes it seem more than it really is. You'd get a little reimbursement for your time & energy but it's still a great deal!

jeanine said...

Your price really is reasonable... for someone willing to pay. I just can't afford to pay right now. I have a lot of other resources that I could use for free. Plus, I wouldn't want to pay $4 a month because I don't use your lessons every week--just on occassion! I have a site where we offer templates, patterns, tutorials, etc for free because we love what we're doing. I guess that's why I love other sites that offer what they love for free as well. Thank you so much for offering such a great and valuable resource!

jeanine said...

ps. I love the idea of keeping the archived lessons for free if you do decide to start charging.

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