service with a smile

many of you have emailed me and said you wanted to see our family updates a bit more often and hear more about us. i thought i would share this experience since every church member has this same opportunity and it turned out to be so rewarding.

last saturday our entire family was up, dressed and out the door by 8:00 am.

it was our week to clean the church.

our church building is very large, with two floors and many, many rooms. the girls and i started on the bottom floor.  in each room the girls' job was to take out the old garbage bag and refreshing the can with a new one. we then tidied up the rooms, stacked chairs and then matt vacuumed. and on to the next room.

 then we headed upstairs. another church member was doing the daunting task of mopping the gym floor and had already cleaned the chapel and bathrooms. so we did the same routine upstairs, cleaning each classroom and vacuuming.

can i just say...i LOVED it.

i love the idea that our children are not only participating in service, but have a new understanding that how we treat our church building is important. that "someone" cleans up every little mess that is left. i love the fact that they pitched in with smiles on their faces.

we celebrated with breakfast at burger king and some shopping at goodwill.
service is a great way to start a saturday!

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Brandon and Natalie said...

My kids absolutely love cleaning the church too! It's gotten to the point where we are the fill in for anyone that doesn't show up. They get so excited. I love it!

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