falling behind...

i get so many amazing comments from my readers saying that i have helped them keep their goal of 100% FHE's this year.  and to you i say WOOT WOOT!  well, i wish i was helping myself too!  sadly, our family has fallen way behind in 2011.

i know, i know.  impossible, right? 
i mean, i'm the one writing the lesson plans.  the work is already done.
yep, but that doesn't mean we don't flake-out on busy monday nights.

plus, i have had pnuemonia since December....ick.
and we had 20 six-year-olds at our house last Saturday for a Tangled birthday party.
and next Saturday we have 8 four-year-olds arriving for a Despicable Me birthday party.
and this little person is getting some teeth...

are these good excuses? 
not really.  they're just excuses.

usually i would just pick up and recommit myself starting next week, but some of the lesson from this year have been really good (if i do say so myself) and i don't want to miss them.
so i have been hatching up a crazy plan....

family home evening weekstravaganza = a family home evening every night for a week.
maybe next week?

crazy or inspired?
please weigh in.

4 Way Righteous Comments:

Deanna said...

My kids BEG for FHE on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but when Monday comes around and we try to have it, we all fall apart. LOL!

I think you're idea is GREAT!!! I know my boys would love it...but then what do I do the following week when we're all caught up? LOL! They'd be disappointed...so maybe we'll just keep our meltdowns to Monday night. :)

Jewelle said...

My little girls would love that idea, and they are about the same ages as yours, so I would say inspired! Hope you can kick that nasty pneumonia soon!

just jayma said...

My vote is, if it works for you, then go for it! OR, you could do an extra day or two each week until you are "caught up," so to speak? That way it wouldnt' be SO stressful having to do one each night in one week?

Cami said...

I think it's great! We are playing catch up to since I had surgery 3 weeks ago. You have done an amazing job on the lessons and I don't want to miss doing any of them with my family either. Thanks for all your hard work on the lessons, you have helped us to have more meaningful and needed lessons (especially on those weeks when I don't have time to put the lessons together myself!).

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