Year 02/Lesson 13: Manners

What You'll Need: scriptures, printed Mini Manners Books, stapler (or hole punch and yarn)  and coloring materials.

Quote:  Gordon B. Hinckley - There is no end to the good we can do, to the influence we can have with others.

Opening Song: A Special Gift of Kindness (PCS #145a) or Kindness Begins With Me (PCS #145b)

What are manners?  Manners are a way we act that shows everyone around us that they are important to us, that makes our home a nice place to be and that show kindness to all we meet.  There are ways to have good manners and be polite in all different ways, but tonight we are going to talk about a few very important manners to start practicing.

The Magic Words  - One of the very most important things about manners are the magic words.  These words are magic because they make others feel good and they make you appreciate your blessings more.  One is a word you use when you are asking for something. The other are words you say after you receive something.

- Can anyone guess the words? (Please and Thank You)

Here's a little rhyme/song about using polite words...listen for the Magic Words.

We say "Thank you."
We say, "Please,"
And "excuse me,"
When we sneeze.

That's the way
We do what's right.
We have manners.
We're polite.

(Sung to I'm a Little Teapot)

I have super manners. Yes, I do.

I can say "Please," and "Thank You," too.
When I play with friends, I like to share.
That's the way I show I care!
When you ask for something it is always best to say Please.
- What are ways we can use the word Please at home? at school? at church?

When someone does something nice for you it is always best to say Thank You. 
- What are ways we can use the words Thank You at home? at school? at church?

Meeting New People - When we meet new people we are meeting someone who might become our new friend.  It is always best to smile and say hello.  Sometimes we shake hands when we meet someone for the first time.  We can ask their name and tell them our name.  You can also say "It's nice to meet you."  Doing these things makes other feel special and like they have a new friend.

Let's practice!  (Pretend to be a new acquaintance. Meet your child, shake hands, say hello and practice the skills above. Do this a few times until your children feel comfortable.)

Table Manners - Our family meals are very important.  Mealtime should be a time when our family has a relaxed and enjoyable time together. President Ezra Taft Benson said that “mealtime provides a wonderful time to review the activities of the day and to not only feed the body, but to feed the spirit as well..." (“Strengthening the Family,” Improvement Era, Dec. 1970, 51).

Here is a poem about table manners.  Listen to the choices in the poem and decide which you think is best.

Mary L. Lusk, Friend, Nov. 1973, 33

Would you like some fun? See if you’re able
To tell which manners are best at the table.

Do you say, “Will you pass the pepper, please!”
Or, “Gimme the salt!” and “Where's my cheese?!”

Do you lean on the table taking a nap,
Or keep your free hand quiet in your lap?

Do you talk with your mouth full, eat noisily,
Or bite small portions and talk quietly?

Do you say, “Thanks for lunch” and “Excuse me, please”?
Oh, I hope you mind your manners with ease.

Here are a few important table manners that we want to practice as a family.

- Stay in your seat until dinner is finished and you have asked to be excused.  It is hard to talk to each other when someone is dancing around in their seat or getting up and down.  If you need to get up for any reason you must ask to be excused.

- Always use your tools to eat your food.  Unless we are eating sandwiches, french fries or fresh veggies and dip you should always use your silverware to eat your food.  Picking food up with your fingers makes a mess and is not very polite.  Also, never put your fingers or hand into your cup (this is a big one at my house).  Wipe your face with a napkin if it gets messy. Never wipe your mouth on your sleeve.

Bear your testimony about how using good manners and being polite makes others feel when they are around you.  Tell your kids how much you love spending time with them and how pleasant that time can be. Express your testimony of how your kindness affects others. 

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Practice Song: If you are teaching your family the MARCH Song of the Month, go over the words and music with your family.

Activity: Manners Mini Book
- print one for each child.
- cut out pages and staple along left edge to bind.
- let children color each page.

A Year of FHE // Free mini coloring book about manners you can download and print for kids. This is so cute! #manners #coloringpage #lds

*A note to parents: In writing this lesson I realized that Manners are kind of subjective. What one family feels is vital (no elbows on the table) another family might not think is very important as long as other manners are observed (not interrupting). So, take this opportunity to decide with your spouse which manners you feel are basic and most important. Don't choose too many for this lesson. Focus on 3-6 total and work with your children on mastering those before adding additional manner rules. You may choose to use the manners I review in this lesson or practice completely different manners that your kids need help with like "Phone Manners" or "Play Group Manners". Let the Spirit guide you as you decide what would be most helpful for your children to master right now.

A Year of FHE // A Family Home Evening lesson about the  importance of good manners and how to treat others. Includes a scripture, song, lesson and activites! There's a cute mini coloring book about manners you can download and print for kids!  #manners #coloringpage #lds

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jenn said...

thanks so much for the download. I loved that there was a song using a tune the littles were familiar with!!.....jenn

Lant Family said...

Thanks so much for the download, I just found your blog and I love it!!

JennC said...

Its like you heard my subconscious pleas for a manners lesson, lol. Love the little rhymes!!

Nurture Mama said...

Yes! Thank you so much for this! I have been wanting to do a lesson on manners with my children for months now, but I haven't been able to get it just right in my head to figure out how to present it. Your lesson is an answer to my prayers!

Clifton and Melinda said...

I pulled up your blog to grab a quick lesson for tonight and was so excited and surprised to see the EXACT lesson my kids need for this week. Thank you so much!! I love how applicable all of your lessons are and how easy they are to mold to exactly what our family needs. :)

Anonymous said...

We really needed this lesson! Love the mini manners book. Thanks!

Cami Checketts said...

Thank you. This will work wonderfully!
Our 8yo is very shy so we often roleplay how to act when meeting new people. His older brother told him about a place where it's rude to look people in the eye. He grinned and said, "I'm moving there!"

Sabra said...

LOVE this blog. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing. Thanks so much for making FHE so easy to prepare.

Amber said...

Thank you again! :)

Jenelle said...

Thank you for putting this together. We used your lesson tonight (albeit abbreviated for our very young children). Your idea for magic words gave me the idea to use a magic wand during the examples for please and thank you (all we focused on). Now we can use it during the week to help remind the kiddos. They loved the attention and all the praise. Again - thank you!

Raenie said...

I love your site! Thanks for all your hard work. I really like this manners lesson, we need to talk about this one in our family :-) I'm excited to share it with the kids. Thanks again.

Liz said...

Thanks for the site! I've been loving it -- and especially this lesson. The kids definitely need this one :)

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I love using your site for resources for my own family. I love the way you present manners in this lesson. Thanks!!

Amber said...

Thanks for your hard work. This is great!

Marian said...

Just wanted you to know your past lessons are still being appreciated! This lesson will be wonderful for my four year old who really needs to work on Manners! Thanks for providing such wonderful resources.

heidi said...

love the printable, this was perfect for me being able to teach my children some table manners. thanks.

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Awesome site! I think this is so wonderful and I have used your stuff a couple of times so thank you!!

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Yet again, thank you!! You are saving me week to week!!!!

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Thank you so much for putting this together! My family loved it!

Twin Mom said...

Love this lesson an mini book. Trying to teach my 5 year old twins good manners. Thank You! I'm sure I'll be back soon for more ideas.

scrappychica said...

this lesson is perfect! thank you for sharing and composing a wonderful lesson plan, I hope to take parts and begin addressing manners with my Girl Scout Daisies.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for such an important lesson. My family loves these kid friendly lessons and coloring pages. I am glad that we are not the only family who think manners are important. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have 10 new 4 yr old preschoolers coming into my class and this is perfect. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a great lesson!! It is just what I need for my grandsons! Thank you so much for all the work you did! What a blessing to on this busy day to find such a perfect end to the day with this lesson on manners. Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Than you for this! I appreciate how detailed it is and I'm going to go through and highlight my favorite parts. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

Natalia Bonet said...

how do you download the book? can't find the link!

Emilie said...

Natalia, It's included in the LESSON DOWNLOAD.

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The link is put in wrong. I had to remove some invalid characters:

Glorious Sunrise Academy said...

How do I get the mini book?

Aud. said...

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