Year 02/Lesson 05: Abinadi Testifies

What You'll Need: scriptures, GAK 308: Abinadi before King Noah, printed bookmarks, coloring tools, a hole punch, ribbon or yarn, pen or pencil, printed crossword puzzle.

Scripture: Mosiah 17:9 - Now Abinadi said unto him: I say unto you, I will not recall the words which I have spoken unto you...for they are true; and that ye may know of their surety I have suffered myself that I have fallen into your hands.

Opening Song: Dare to do Right (PCS #158 )


Do you know what a testimony is? (saying something to other people that you know is true)

Do we share our testimonies? (mention testimony meeting in church and testimonies that you share each week in Family Home Evening)

Elder David A. Bednar said, "The bearing of testimony need not be lengthy or eloquent. Spouses, parents, and children should strive to overcome any hesitancy, reluctance, or embarrassment about bearing testimony."
Tonight we are going to talk about a wonderful Book of Mormon Prophet named Abinadi.  He was not afraid to do what the Lord asked him to do and he gave his life to bear his testimony of Christ.

The Story of Abinadi - There was a very wicked and selfish King named Noah.  He was mean to his people. He made them give him all of their money so they didn't have enough for food and he made them pray to statues instead of to Heavenly Father.  Wicked King Noah had friends, named Priests, who helped him do mean things to his people. 

The Lord sent a prophet named Abinadi to preach to the Nephites. Abinadi told the Nephites that they and their king were wicked and that Heavenly Father wanted them to repent.  King Noah was angry with Abinadi and had him arrested. Abinadi was then brought before wicked King Noah and his priests.

(display GAK 308: Abinadi before King Noah)

Abinadi taught them Jesus Christ’s teachings. They did not want to listen, but the Lord blessed Abinadi, and no one could harm him until he had given the message he had been commanded to give. Abinadi told them that these teachings were true. King Noah and most of the priests refused to believe Abinadi’s words. They did not want to repent of their wickedness. Instead, they wanted to kill Abinadi.

One of the priests, named Alma, believed Abinadi. The Holy Ghost let Alma know that Abinadi was telling the truth. Alma begged King Noah to let Abinadi go. Alma’s plea made King Noah even more angry. He ordered Alma to leave. Then he sent his servants to kill Alma. But Alma escaped from King Noah’s servants and hid. Alma stayed hidden and safe for many days. When Abinadi finished telling King Noah what he had been commanded to say, King Noah had Abinadi killed.

Alma became a great Prophet.  Because of his teachings, many of the people of Noah repented and started to live the commandments. We can be like Abinadi. We can choose to stand for what is right no matter what.  Every day we have a chance to choose the right and testify with our example.  If we follow the commandments we will be blessed.

Elder Robert D. Hales said, "What a powerful example Abinadi should be to all of us! He courageously obeyed the Lord’s commandments—even though it cost him his life!"

Share with your children how someone else's example of righteous living enlarged your testimony.  Let your children know how important it is to share your testimony. 

Commit to bearing your testimony in the next Fast and Testimony Meeting at church.  If your children are old enough you may challenge them to share their testimony in the next Mtg as well.  Go over Tips for Sharing Your Testimony featured here and share them with your children.

1. Abinadi Coloring Page (from

2.Testimony Bookmarks
(Art by - poem by Emilie Ahern) Each printed page makes 5 bookmarks.

Free printable ABINADI bookmarks using clipart from and a poem by Emilie Ahern from A YEAR OF FHE.  Prints 5 to a page.  Kids can color them and put them in their scriptures to remember to bear their tetimony like Abinadi did. #lds #free #printable

3. Teachings of Abinadi Crossword Puzzle

A Year of FHE // A crossword puzzle that older kids and teens can complete by looking up scriptures to see what ABINADI taught.  THis free printable is great for Sacrament meeting, Family Hoem Evening, or a Seminary. #lds #printable #free #bookofmormon

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A Year of FHE // This Family Home Evening lesson comes with everything you need tot each your family about the Book of Mormon hero, Abinadi. Family members will learn how and why we bear our testimony.  Includes 3 printable activities to choose from for young children and older kids and teens! Just CLICK, PRINT, and TEACH! #lds #abinadi

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As always, thanks for the lesson!

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Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful ideas!!

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Downloaded it...I love that this reinforces a Sharing Time this month that talked about what is a testimony. Also, we've recently been reading about Abinidi and it'll be interesting to see what my son remembers.

Angie said...

Thanks so much! Our New Year's resolution has been to have more organized FHEs, and you've made that possible. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this!

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I like that it teaches what a testimony is, also I love the example of Abinadi. One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for doing this. You have inspired me to actually HAVE family night. I always wait until the last minute and have nothing to throw together. Now I just visit your blog. Thank you, thank you.

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I love your site because it help us remember how important FHE is and love your Wonderful ideas that you share with all of us.

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i just wanted to say thank you for your hard work. you are helping us out so much!! this blog is great!

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I love these lessons! My daughter (5 yrs old) loves Abinadi. She actually bore her testimony in church yesterday about Abinadi. I let her chose the lesson for FHE tongiht and it was great to have this as a lesson plan for her to use.

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I have been looking everywhere for a website just like this! I am so happy I found you! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas for FHE, I'm sure my kids are going to love these ideas!
Thank you! :)

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Thank you so much for the lessons!! They are easy and my boys really enjoy them.

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Thank you! I love that I can use your lessons with my older children as well as younger.

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Thanks for doing this--my kids love these lessons, especially the printables. You are doing such a service for my family.

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Thank you for it being free most i have found say free but its not true and i have a lot of grand children (9)to print for and it can cost a lot just in ink so thank you and God Bless

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