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So, last year this blog was a toughie to keep up.  Our computer crashed and I was on bed rest for 18 straight weeks.  Then I had a baby 4 weeks early via c-section....yadda, yadda, yadda.  Most posts received 1 comment..if that.  But I plowed on, certain that I might be making a difference to somebody.  Along the way I received a few wonderful emails from readers that kept me chugging along.

So when 2010 came towards an end I seriously considered stopping.  Could I do another year?  Was it even worth it?  Yes, it helped OUR family have more regular FHE, but we still weren't anywhere near should this blog live on?

I decided to try again in 2011...thinking that it might really do some good...for our family and others.

And, it's lame and kind of self-serving, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the comments that the first two lessons of 2011 have received!  It makes such a huge difference in my life to have a feeling that this blog, in some small way, is helping others.  I do all of this work because, in my wildest dreams, I hope I am bringing families closer, helping parents teach their children the gospel and creating lasting memories that our kids will look back on and cherish.

So thanks for the comments, love and support.
Please keep them coming!

15 Way Righteous Comments:

JennC said...

I only just found you this year after I read a tweet about your 2010 lessons. After doing the first 3 weeks our home seems more 'right'.
I look forward to these evey week :D

The Smiths said...

I'm a bad commenter, sorry.... but we religiously have used your fhe plans for about 3 months now. I absolutely LOVE them. No thinking required, the hardest thing with fhe is thinking about the topic and lesson. our kids (5,3,2) love it and they actually pay attention to the stories because they're tailored to their age. ANYWAYS... Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog. Since I get it through google reader I just print it when it comes through and it reminds me that it's monday. If you had stopped I think I would have tried to start at the beginning of 2010 but without the reminder post coming through google reader I don't think it would have lasted...
whoa long comment... sorry

The Matthews Family said...

We started using your plans about two months ago and we absolutely love them! They are so perfect for my very young family (2 and 1)! Last week they loved "holding to the rod" (the broom!) and this week they had a blast making their sheep and painting the picture of Ammon. My two year old can tell you both of these stories now! How awesome is that?!? Definitely, thank you for your hard work. You have helped make FHE much more enjoyable for my children!

Jamie said...

I am so glad you decided to do this again!! We have not been very good about FHE this year with all the craziness of moving and trying to get settled but I am hoping to change that. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Jessica said...

I just found your site for this year through a friend. So happy to find a great resource that make FHE a quick prepare on my part. I appreciate what you've done!!

American Mom said...

THANK YOU! I know many times your work goes unnoticed and unappreciated - but THANKS!!!

lindsey loo said...

thank you for your blog! one of my goals this year is to have 100% FHE and i wont be able to do it without your help. so far so good. my kids (3 and 6) have loved it and look forward to it ever week. its been so fun to watch them learn the song. i really feel like your lessons are leaving an impact on them. they cant stop talking about the iron rod.
so thank you again i appreciate it very very very much!!

Jewelle said...

Quoted from this post..."in my wildest dreams, I hope I am bringing families closer, helping parents teach their children the gospel and creating lasting memories that our kids will look back on and cherish."

you are doing all of this!!! I can't tell you enough times how grateful i am for you taking the time to do these lessons. they have helped us get our fhe back on track!!! I'm excited you chose to do this another year!

The Blaisdell Family said...

I am SO grateful you pressed on too! We never had FHE growing up, but I think it is important today more than ever to do things like this as a family. Heck, even I have learned with these lessons! I've been a member my whole life and I'm always making comments like, "I swear I've never heard this story before!!" My husband just laughs!

So thank you, not just for my kids and family, but also for helping me feel the spirit more in our home and hearts!!

I've done blogging many a times, it is VERY hard to keep up when you are doing a blog for "other people". It really is tough! So thank you, thank you, thank you! You are helping me achieve a long time goal and a new years resolution all at the same time!

My kids are 8,6,4,2..very hard ages to feel like it is worth the time, but they have loved all the lessons so far!

Keep them coming!!

The British Homemaker said...

I owe you an apology Emilie...

I have been using your FHE lessons with my children for the most part of last year, my 6 yr old got so much out of it and sometimes we'd have 2 FHE's a week! I really should have commented to let you know that you aren't just talking to cyber space and that all your efforts are indeed paying off.

I also need to apolgise to you for not responding to your lovely, supportive email when I wrote to ask for your ideas on getting my unhappy teen daughter's self esteem rebuilt after some traumatic events at school. Soon after I got your email, but before I could really comprehend it and respond my hard drive crashed. It's now sitting waiting specialist repair, still!

However, I do very much appreciate all that you do here on this blog and I do love to read about your family. Your humour cracks me up (very much like my own) and I love when you talk about your time here in the Uk.

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - I'm so glad you didn't give up! We just found your blog right at the beginning of the year and we love your lessons. It's so great of you to do this and it really does make a difference in people's families. I can tell you that you've at least made it possible for our family to so far have 100% FHE this year! Thank you!
Melissa in MI :o)

Anonymous said...

I also love your blog. Thank you for doing it this year again. I feel bad that I have let my shyness get in the way of leaving comments. I worry to much about my grammer, being not American.
Thank you for all that you do, and you are absolutely reaching your blog goals of, " helping others,bringing families closer, helping parents teach their children the gospel and creating lasting memories that our kids will look back on and cherish.".

Ninna P.

Talia said...

I loooove your blog and I'm so grateful for all of your hard work and fhe ideas!! We've used your lessons every week so far this year and I don't plan on stopping. Thank you soooooo much!!! xo

Angela said...

I also have been using your lessons for a few months now, I'm still working on being more consistent :) It's your lessons that is keeping us more consistent with FHE, so Thank you! We Love it!

Ashley said...

Just so you know, we LOVE your blog. It's so helpful to have a lesson that's complete and easy to do for my 2 kids 4 and 18 months. So, thank you, thank you!!!

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