Featured Family: The Willes

Hi!! We participated in Week 2's FHE lesson on Lehi's Vision. I love how easy it was to use a toddler friendly FHE!!! Thank you soo much!! I have attached a picture of my son Nathan (on the left) holding on the 'iron rod'. He came up with that all by himself!!

He then told my husband Michael that "he and Ammon (the baby) needed to hold on to the iron rod too!"

The best part is even after FHE is was over and I had posted the picture on our blog, Nathan saw the picture yesterday and said "thats me, Daddy and Ammon holding on to the rod!" He remembered!

Thank you for helping me teach my children the gospel!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

The Wille Family from Riverton, WY

Well, I have to say that is the cutest picture ever!
Nathan's face is priceless!
Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to pass on the story and photo.
It made my week!


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Anonymous said...

We used that lesson last night too and my toddler now wants to play "follow the prophet to Jesus" all day. Thanks for the great resources!

JennC said...

What an adorable family!!

Your lessons are wonderful and perfect for the little ones. It amazes me how much they remember when they are busy rolling around the floor because they know there are cookies at the end, lol.

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