Year 01/Lesson 49: Jesus Once was a Little Child

What You'll Need: scriptures, Baby items (such as a bottle, blanket, and rattle), download and print picture "Biblical Family Life", GAK 205: Boy Jesus in the Temple, GAK 206: Childhood of Jesus Christ 2 chopsticks for each child (these can usually be purchased at your local grocery store), 1 piece of paper for each child, scotch or packing tape, art supplies for coloring or writing, foods from the bible times food list in lesson.

Scripture: Luke 2:40 - And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.

Opening Song: Jesus Once Was a Little Child (PCS #55)


Jesus was a baby

Pass around the baby items and let the children look at and hold them. Explain what the items are used for. Point out that Jesus Christ was once a baby.

- Do you think Jesus used items like these?

Some of the things Jesus had when he was a baby were very similar to things the children used when they were babies. Some of the things were very different.  Tonight we are learning about Jesus’ life when he was a child.

Jesus lived with his family

(display Biblical Family Life picture)

This is the kind of home that the people of Nazareth lived in. Nazareth is the town where Jesus grew up, and Jesus may have lived in a home like this one.

- Where do you think the family slept? (Point out the mat the woman is putting away and the closet behind her that seems to hold other rolled mats. Explain that the roofs of the houses were flat, and steps on the outside of each house led up to the roof. Perhaps the children sometimes slept on the roof.)

- Where did the baby in this home sleep? (Point out the cradle. Explain that Joseph was a carpenter and might have made a cradle like this one for the baby Jesus.)

- What do you think the big jars were used for? (Some held water. All the water the family used was carried from the well in the village because there was no running water in the homes. A well is a deep hole in the ground with clean water in it.)

- Since there was no electricity, how could they light this home? (They used oil lamps. Point out the lamp on the stool behind the woman grinding grain. Perhaps some of the jars held oil for the lamps.)

Jesus worked hard

(display GAK 206: Childhood of Jesus Christ)

Jesus probably had chores and helped his family just like we do today. Joseph was a Carpenter. Jesus probably learned carpentry from Joseph, since that was common in the days when Jesus lived on earth.

Jesus went to school

When Jesus was on the earth he may have gone to a school. Schools then did not have any books. In Jesus’ time children learned to read from scrolls. A scroll is a long strip of paper-like material with writing on it, fastened at each end to a stick. As one end is unrolled, the other is rolled up so a piece about the size of a page is visible.

(display GAK 205: Boy Jesus in the Temple)

Here is a picture of Jesus teaching others in the Temple where he lived.  These are what scrolls looked like.  The scrolls that people in Jesus' time studied contained the teachings of the prophets who had lived before Jesus Christ was born. (Show the part of the Bible that is the Old Testament). This part of the Bible contains some writings and stories that were on some of the scrolls.  These scrolls were an important way to write down their testimonies of Jesus Christ, even though most of the Prophets did not live at the time Jesus was on the earth. 

Even if we do not see Jesus ourselves, we can know He lived by hearing and reading the testimonies of others and by the power of the Holy Ghost.

We can be like Jesus

Jesus’ childhood was probably in some ways much like yours. He lived at home with his family, he worked hard, he went to school, he learned and grew and had a happy family.  He showed us the way we should be.  We can always choose the right, as Jesus did.

Bear your testimony about how thankful you are to have Jesus’ life as an example of how we should live.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)


1. Where Jesus Walked Activity (from The Friend magazine)

2. Make your own Testimony Scroll

Materials needed:

2 chopsticks for each child (these can usually be purchased at your local grocery store OR ask for some next time you order Chinese food)
1 piece of paper for each child
scotch or packing tape
art supplies for coloring or writing
yarn or ribbon (optional)


1. Have children draw a picture or write their testimony of Jesus Christ on the piece of paper, making sure to leave 1" margin on top and bottom edge.
2. Lay a piece of paper on a flat surface. 
3. Lay a chopstick along the top edge.
4. Use tape to attach chopstick to paper's top edge.
5. Repeat on bottom edge with second chopstick.
6. Roll up like a scroll.  Secure closed with yarn or ribbon if desired.

Treat: Food from Jesus' Time

Sample foods that Jesus Christ probably ate, such as figs, grape juice, honey, dates, cheese, pita bread, fish, nuts, or olives, and let the family members taste it. Explain to the family that when the Bible talks about wine it is referring to grape juice that was not fermented, so it did not contain alcohol.

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Unknown said...

I am so excited I found your blog tonight! We live overseas and I haven't found any *great* resources here for my girls. I've printed you out and I've already shared your link. We'll let you know how it goes with week #49. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

P.S. This was sooooo meant to be. My word verification word is: doode. I ususally spell it dood, but I'm changing it up thanks to you, your blog and word verification.
Merry Christmas!!!

stevie kay said...

As always, it's fabulous! I found a few pictures by Simon Dewey of Christ's early life. I thought I'd leave a few links here in case anyone wanted more visuals. Most of them are small, but my children still had fun looking at them.

Unknown said...

This is a fantastic blog! I can't wait to start using it. I just found it via Sugardoodle. Awesome! And I don't have a Costco near me to print up the assignment chart. Do you think the photo center at CVS would work (probably will cost more than 2.99 or what ever Costo's price is)? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I love the testimony scrolls. We will hang them on our tree. Thanks

Unknown said...

I'm in South Africa and will be using this lesson tonight. I am certain that it is going to be a great hit with the kids and they will definitely feel the spirit and want to draw closer to Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

I would skip the part about teaching that Jesus only drank grape juice. This is a bit of a Mormon Myth, people can't bear the idea that Jesus didn't adhere to the Word of Wisdom. They did drink fermented wine back then. If it was harvest time there was a good chance it was unfermented, but outside of harvest they would be drinking fermented wine, which would have been much safer to drink than water. Grapes are a seasonal harvest, they had no refrigeration, how else would they preserve the grapes but fermentation? It would be better to explain that some commandments are forever, and some are only for the time period in which they were given. They didn't have the WOrd of Wisdom back then, so it wouldn't have been a sin to drink wine. Just like in that time they were forbidden to eat pig, but now we know we can have that slice of bacon and it's okay. I'm sorry to be a negative Nancy, I just tend to be a stickler for doctrine, especially when teaching kids.

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