Year 01/Lesson 45: Paying Tithing

What You'll Need: scriptures, two small bowls (one labeled "TITHING" and the other labeled "TO SPEND", ten dimes, tithing slip and envelope, small jar with lid, sticker paper (available at Office Supply stores), hammer, flat head screwdriver, crayons or markers.

Scripture: D&C 119: 3-4 - And this shall be the beginning of the tithing of my people. And after that, those who have thus been tithed shall pay one-tenth of all their interest annually; and this shall be a standing law unto them forever, for my holy priesthood, saith the Lord.

Opening Song: I'm Glad to Pay a Tithing  (PCS #150a )


Hold the ten dimes in your hand and show them to the children.

- What would you do with these coins if you had earned them?

Let each child respond, and make positive comments about each answer. There are no right or wrong answers. When each child has responded, continue the discussion.

If a child mentioned paying tithing, comment that someone mentioned something very important that we should do when we earn money. If no one mentioned paying tithing, tell the children that you would like to help them learn about something very important to do whenever they earn some money.

Explain that Heavenly Father has commanded us to pay tithing on the money we earn. When we pay tithing, we give some of the money we have earned to the Church to help pay for things that help people learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus and the gospel, such as temples, church buildings, lesson manuals, and other materials.

Have the children count the ten coins with you as you place the coins on the table or floor in a row. Put the bowl labeled “Tithing” on the table or floor. Read or have the children read the word on the sign. Tell the children that one-tenth of the money we earn is the amount we pay as tithing. One coin out of the ten on the table or floor would be one-tenth. Ask a child to put one coin in the bowl.

Put the bowl labeled “To Spend” next to the “Tithing” bowl. Read or have the children read the words on the sign.

- If this were money you had earned, how many coins would you have left to spend or save after paying tithing?

Have a child put nine coins in the “To Spend” bowl, one at a time, as they count them.

Point to the coins in front of the “To Spend” bowl and explain that the money we pay in tithing is a small portion of the money we earn.

Explain that we should pay tithing on all money we earn. You may want to use different coins or bills to help the children further understand the idea of paying one-tenth of the money they earn as tithing.

How do we pay tithing?
Show children a tithing slip and tithing envelope.  Hold the slip.  Explain each line to the children as you go down the slip.  When you are finished, show children the tithing envelope.  Explain whose name is on the front and what role the Bishop/Bishopric and Ward Clerk play in paying tithing (we give our tithing to them, the clerk records it and they send it to the church office building in Salt Lake City).

What is tithing used for?
Tithing is used to pay for many things such as building temples and meetinghouses, doing missionary work, and printing lesson manuals. This is one reason why it is so important to treat item in our church buildings with respect and care.  Because sacrifices were made by members of the church to pay their tithing to help purchase those materials.

My Tithing
by DaLee Clegg James

A dime from every dollar,
A penny from a dime—
One in ten is for the Lord;
I pay Him first each time.

My tithing’s for the missions
And for building temples too.
He asks so very little,
It’s the least that I can do.

Paying Tithing shows our gratitude for Heavenly Father

“Tithing is a token of gratitude, obedience, and thanksgiving—a token of our willingness and dedication.” --Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi

How does tithing show our thankfulness to our Heavenly Father for the blessings He gives us?

Bear your testimony about the blessings of tithing.  Share specific experiences if you have them.
(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Activity: Choose from the following activities as they best suit your family.

1. Make a Tithing Jar

- Thoroughly clean a jar and lid with dish soap and water.  Dry completely.
- Using a hammer, place flat head screwdriver on metal jar lid and tap end to create a slot in the lid large enough to fit a dollar bill folded in fourths width-wise.
- Turn jar lid over and use hammer to tap down rough edges of slot flush against underneath side of lid.
- Print labels onto sticker paper in a standard ink jet printer.  Allow children to color pictures and write their name on the line provided.
- Remove backing and adhere label to jar front.

2. Tithing Coloring Page (from The Friend magazine)

3. Where Does my Tithing Go?
- Print a page for each child. Follow the path to see where their tithing goes from the time they give it to the Bishop until it goes into church materials.  Have kids color the pictures.

A Year of FHE // A Family Home Evening about how and why we pay tithing & the many blessings we get when we pay tithing. #lds #familyhomeevening #tithing

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