Year 01/Lesson 42 : Being Honest

What You'll Need: scriptures, skein of black yarn, safety scissors, glue, scotch tape, hole punch, writing utensils, print out of activity sheets.

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Scripture: Proverbs 12:22 - Lying lips are abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are his delight.

Opening Song: I Believe in Being Honest (PCS #149 )


Remind the children that the Articles of Faith are statements of what Church members believe.Tell the children that part of the thirteenth article of faith says, “We believe in being honest [and] true.” Have them repeat the phrase a few times. Help the children memorize these words.

• What does it mean to be honest?

Explain that being honest includes telling the truth, not taking things that belong to someone else, and treating other people fairly.

Point out that it is not always easy to tell the truth. Sometimes it is easier for us to say something that is not true or to not say anything at all.

Tell the following story...

JoAnne had accidentally broken her mother’s sewing scissors. She had hidden them in a drawer so her mother wouldn’t know who had broken them. JoAnne’s mother was looking for the scissors, and she asked if anyone had seen them. JoAnne told her mother that she had not seen the scissors.

JoAnne felt bad after she said that. She knew she had done wrong by playing with the scissors when she wasn’t supposed to, and now she had done a second wrong thing by lying about it. JoAnne felt sick.

When JoAnne came to family prayer, she quickly closed her eyes. She didn’t want to look at her mother. As JoAnne’s father said the prayer, JoAnne heard him say, “Give us the courage to do what is right, that we might have peace of mind and joy forever.” JoAnne knew that to be happy again she needed to tell her mother the truth about the scissors.

JoAnne brought the broken scissors to her mother and told her mother the truth. She was sorry that she had broken the scissors and lied, and she wanted to do the right thing. (Adapted from Margery Cannon, “A Miss and a Mistake,” Children’s Friend, Mar. 1962, p. 14.)

• Did JoAnne tell the truth when her mother first asked her about the scissors?
• How did JoAnne feel when she did not tell the truth?
• How do you think JoAnne felt when she did tell her mother the truth?
• Was it easy for JoAnne to tell the truth?

Explain that even though it was hard for JoAnne to tell the truth because she was afraid she would be punished for breaking the scissors, she was happier when she told the truth.

Learning Activity:  Ask a child to hold up both hands. Loosely wrap a piece of thread or yarn around the child’s wrists and hold it securely. Explain that the thread or yarn is like a little lie. Ask the child to break free (hold the thread or yarn loosely enough that the child can break free).
Then wrap the child’s wrists a dozen or so times as you explain that one lie can lead to many more as we try to cover up our lies. When we lie, we often have to tell more lies to keep people from finding out that we lied. When we tell many lies, it is more difficult to free ourselves. Ask the child to break free now. If the child succeeds, you may want to try with even more layers of thread or yarn. Explain that the more we lie, the harder it becomes to choose the right and tell the truth.

• How can you break free from these lies?

Use a pair of scissors to cut through the thread and free the child’s hands. Explain that to be free of lies, we must always tell the truth. If we have already told a lie, we must repent by telling the truth to the person we lied to. When we tell the truth, we can be happy.

Bear your testimony about the importance of being truthful, even when it is hard. Remind the children that Jesus Christ always told the truth and that he wants us to always tell the truth. You may want to tell about a time when you were glad you told the truth, even though it was hard for you to do so.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Practice Song: If you are teaching your family the OCTOBER Song of the Month, go over the words and music with your family.

Activity: Choose from the following activities as they best suit your family.

For younger children:  Spider Web Activity

Print activity onto cardstock (2 per page).

Cut along grey dotted lines. Have children use safety scissors to cut out around each spider (two per child).

Cut 3 inches of black yarn. Have each child glue front and back of their spider together with one end of black thread in between layers.

Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top of the web. Thread other end of black yarn into hole and tape onto back of activity to secure.

Spider can now swing and dangle from its web!

For older children:  Secret Message

Prepare for each child a copy of the “secret message” below.  (click to enlarge and then right click to print).  Give each child a copy of the message and a pencil.

Explain that one of Jesus Christ’s teachings is in the secret message. Tell the children they can discover the secret message by finding the letter that goes with each symbol and writing it in the box underneath the symbol. Write in one letter as an example and help the children as needed.

Ask the children to fold their arms and smile when they know what the secret message is. When all the children have discovered the message, have them read the words of the secret message together with you: “Tell the truth.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Tara said...

I just found your blog from a friend. I'm so excited to teach about honesty! And the spider is perfect for Halloween just around the corner!

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Thanks for the FHE. I love the wool idea. I'm sure it will remain in my boys minds clearly.

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I just found your blog through sugardoodle. We did this lesson last week. I love the whole thing! It just fits together so well. The object lesson and activity were so easy to carry out. I look forward to doing more of your lessons! Thanks!

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Heidi said...

Perfect for my kiddos! Thanks a bunch for sharing!

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My extended family just started a monthly FHE and we're going to use your lessons! We LOVE how organized, resourceful and developmentally appropriate they are for the young kids in our family. THANK YOU so much!

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Using this lesson tonight-cant wait as this is something our 5 year old has been struggling with lately. Perfect. Thank you for sharing.

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Love your blog! When I click on the secret message print out, it gives me an error. Is there another way I can print this off?

germanjules said...

Thanks. (We did make JoAnne make more lies and then wrapped our daughter up and up. When she did the right thing she was able to be unwrapped slowly.)

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Every time I have to do a lesson I come here. Best blog!

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You make FHE so easy. Before I found you, it was hard for me to get something together each week & we often skipped it. We're using this lesson tonight & it will be a prefect follow-up to a conversation we had this weekend. Thanks so much.

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