Year 01/Lesson 36: The Sabbath Day

What You'll Need: GAK 604 (or GAB 108): Passing the Sacrament, scriptures, scissors, print-out of enough copies of the activity for each child.

Scripture: Exodus 20:8 - Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Opening Song: The Chapel Doors (PCS #156 )

Lesson: When heavenly Father created the earth, he did it in six days. And on the seventh day He rested. He was teaching us that we should also rest on the seventh day.

(Display GAK 604 or GAB 108)

On Sunday (which is also called "the Sabbath") we attend church to worship Heavenly Father and Jesus. But even when we come home from church we still need to think of them and make it a special day.

So, Heavenly Father has asked us to not do certain things on Sunday. We should not buy anything or spend any money unless it is an emergency. We should attend our church meetings unless we are sick. Our family has rules about the Sabbath day as well.

(If you have not already done so, take some time with your spouse before Family Home Evening and decide on specific activities which your family feels are appropriate for the Sabbath. It is a good time to decide on Sabbath Day activities before you children are confronted with those choices. This may include if they can play with friends, ride bikes, etc.)

- Discuss which activities you have decided are allowed and not allowed on Sundays. Make your expectations clear and easy to understand.

Here's a story about a boy named Collin and his decision about the Sabbath...
“I’m impressed with the five goals you scored in today’s game.” Collin turned around and realized the man was talking to him. “I’m starting a new soccer team and want to know if you would like to be on it.”

“Would I ever!” Collin thought. Collin was nine, and he enjoyed playing soccer. When he and his parents attended the first planning meeting for the new team, the coach explained that they would be playing in many tournaments on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. “Not on Sunday,” Collin thought.

After talking with his parents, Collin told the coach he wanted very much to be on the new team, but he would not play soccer on Sunday. He thought the coach would be mad and not let him be on the team. The coach paused for a moment and told Collin that he still wanted him to play. Collin felt peace in his heart and knew he had made the right decision. He was glad he had made the team. His parents reminded him that even if he had not been allowed to join the team, he had made the right decision.
This seems like a lot of things we CAN'T do, so let's talk about all of the wonderful and fun things we CAN do! (List appropriate activities for the Sabbath). They may include the following...

- we can listen to good music
- play quiet games
- go for a walk with our family
- reading the scriptures
- telling or acting out scripture stories
- reading the Friend
- serve others
- draw pictures or write letters to relatives, loved ones, missionaries, or people serving in the military.
- visiting the sick, the aged, and our loved ones.

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have promised that if we keep the Sabbath day holy, we will be happier and receive many blessings in our lives.

Bear your testimony about a time when you chose to keep the Sabbath Day holy and the blessings you felt you received from following that commandment.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Activity: Finger-Fun Sunday Activity Game

Make this Finger-Fun Sunday Activity Reminder (from The Friend magazine) to help you remember some things you can choose to do that will help you keep the Sabbath day holy.  Included in lesson download.


Instead of highlighting a list of what your family CAN'T do on the Sabbath, focus on what you CAN DO! Buy this digital pack and print it out at home for an easy and FUN way to observe the Sabbath Day and teach your kids about activities they CAN DO.

Comes with full instructions, printable can label, and 60 activity circles -- 40 with pre-written activities and 20 that are blank and can be filled in by you!

A Year of FHE // a Family Home Evening for young kids about the importance of making the Sabbath day a special day. Includes a song, scripture, lesson and activity. #lds #fhe #sabbath #hisday

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