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The Poulson family wrote this amazing post on their Family blog about The Lesson from WEEK 6 on Showing Love through Words. It totally made me teary! Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback!

...We, as a family, have been very successful with using her FHE blog as a resource for our Family Home Evenings. We started out with a bang, and I'm proud and excited to let you all know that we've been successful in at least one night for our family each week. We're 6 & 6 (for 2010)!

The 'scheduled' lesson from Emilie's blog this week was titled "Showing Love through Words". It was a topic that needed to be addressed within in the walls of our home. It was essential for our family to communicate to each other and to understand the power of words.

Granted, we had to adapt the lesson for our younger children, but I pray with all my heart that we each learned and will be able to quickly apply that lesson in our home. Far too often, I am quick to yell, get upset, or bothered by the sweet things and not-so-sweet things my children and even husband does or doesn't do. I really appreciated this lesson, and asked one question to each family member that I hoped would help us to do better:

"How does our home feel when we yell and say mean words?"

The various answers were touching. Our sons were sincere and honest. Ryan was silly, till I gave him the stink-eye, and I shared my testimony with my family about speaking kind words.

Proverbs 15:1 reads: "A soft answer turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger." Recently, and especially today, I felt like throwing in the towel from all the yelling, badgering, bickering, and complaining going on in my home. It was downright depressing. And I was just as much to blame as the other three family members.

I would say tonight's lesson was a successful topic. It didn't fix our problem areas, but helped us to see that we need to drastically improve the feeling in our home.

I am so glad it was a good experience for you, Deanna!
And thanks a million times for taking the time to share.

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