Year 01/Lesson 06: Showing Love through Words

What You'll Need: scriptures, GAK 205/GAB 34: Boy Jesus in the Temple, bean bag or small stuffed animal, printed activities, paper, pen/pencil for each family member, ingredients for treats.

Scripture: Proverbs 15:1 - A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

Opening Song: Kindness Begins with Me (PCS #145)


Heavenly Father has given us many wonderful blessings. We can see and hear and use our hands to work and to help others. One of the special blessings Heavenly Father has given us is our power to speak.

(display picture of Boy Jesus in the Temple)

Jesus used words to pray to his Father, teach others, give blessings, and uplift everyone around him.  Even as a young boy, Jesus taught Elders in the Temple and they were amazed by his words. The scriptures say, "And it came to pass...they found [Jesus] in the temple...and all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers." (Luke 2:46-47)

We can use words to tell others what we need, to share a funny story, or to say prayers. But words are very powerful. What kind of words we choose to use is a very important decision.  We can follow Jesus Christ's example by using good words.

Some words we say can make other people feel happy. Some words we say can make other people feel sad. Some words we say can invite the Holy Ghost to be with us and other words can send him away.

I want to tell you a story from the Friend Magazine (January 2010) about a little boy who found out how powerful words can be.

Robbie wiped the sweat from his face. The sun beat down on him as he played ball
with other fourth-grade boys.

Seth threw the ball to Robbie. A boy on the other team lunged for it, but missed. Robbie dove for the ball and caught it before it hit the ground. The other boy called Robbie a mean name.

“Don’t let him get away with saying that, Robbie,” Seth said. Robbie ignored the mean name and took his position. Some of the boys snickered.  Robbie couldn’t get the word out of his mind. When his team won the game, he didn’t feel like celebrating with his teammates.

That evening, Robbie told Dad what happened. “Why did he call me that word?” Robbie asked.

“Not everyone believes what we do,” Dad said. “Some people think using
words like that makes them seem cool. Words have a lot of power. They can build
people up or tear them down.”

“Seth told me not to let the boy get away with saying what he did,” Robbie said.

“What did you do?” Dad asked.

Robbie looked down. “I ignored him and kept playing,” Robbie said.

Dad hugged Robbie. “You did the right thing. I’m proud of you.”

Robbie was happy to hear Dad say that. “I guess you’re right,” Robbie said, smiling. “Words do have a lot of power.”

- When Robbie got called a name how did it make him feel?
- How do we make others feel when we call them names?
- What did Robbie do to the boy who called him a name?
- Was that a good decision or a bad decision?
- What will you do if someone ever calls you a mean name?
- How did Robbie's Dad make him feel better using words?

Last month in our Family Home Evenings we talked about families. Families are so important. Heavenly Father wants us to always treat our family with love and kindness.

- How will our home feel if we yell at each other and call each other mean names?
- How can we use words to show love for each other?

If you, as a parent, struggle with raising your voice or yelling at your children (and don't worry...we all do!) commit to your family that you are going to be better at using a soft voice and kind words and ask them to do the same.

Bear your testimony about our responsibility to use good words.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)



Get a beanbag or small stuffed animal. Have the family sit on the floor in a circle. Starting with a parent, have them say one "happy word" about another member in the circle. This can be a descriptive word that describes that person like sweet, kind, happy, fun, loving, affectionate, smart, musical, etc. Then toss the beanbag to that person. Then it is their turn to choose someone to say a "Happy Word" about and toss the bag to. Continue until every member of the family has had a turn as the tosser and receiver. You can continue as many times as you would like.

Your family will love this game for Family Home Evening! It helps increase love between family members and teaches who our words can uplift others and make them happy!  #lds #fhe

(Included in lesson download)

Have family members list words commonly used in your home (yes, even the bad ones) in the appropriate column. Make a commitment to try to only use happy words for the coming week and see if your home feels more happy. Put the list where everyone can see it on a daily basis. If name calling and other sad words are a concern in your home, you may want to set up a reward system for using happy words throughout each day.

A Year of FHE // Free download of a lists you can complete, as a family, to change the language in your home from upsetting to uplifting! #lds #language #fhe

Think of a word you want to give up this week. It is private which word you choose. It can be a mean name you call your siblings, a word you yell when you get frustrated, oir a swear word you shouldn't say.  Think about better words you could replace it with. Commit to not saying that word for the entire week.

Treat: Conversation Heart Rice Crispies

4 tablespoons butter
10 drops red food coloring
40 large marshmallows
6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 cup conversation heart candies

- Spray a large baking sheet (with a ledge) with non-stick cooking spray.
- Over medium-low heat, melt butter.
- Add food coloring, mix and add large marshmallows. Stir often until fully melted.
- Remove from heat, add cereal and mini marshmallows. Stir until combined.
- Spray your hands with non-stick cooking spray and press the cereal mix onto the cookie sheet until it’s flat and even.
- Randomly press candies into the cereal treats.
- Cool for one hour then cut into bars or hearts with a cookie cutter.

*Recipe and photo from

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A Year of FHE // a free Family Home Evening lesson about how we can show love through our words.  Includes a scripture, song, lesson, activities, and a treat! There is also a free download of a list you can complete, as a family, of words that can be used in your home to make others happy and those that make others sad.  This is a great refresher for when your kids' are speaking with unkindness towards each other.  Your FHE is ready! Just CLICK, PRINT, and TEACH! #lds #kindness #language #love #words

15 Way Righteous Comments:

Ashley said...

These lessons are great. Thanks for taking the time sharing them.

Deanna said...

Yes - Thank you for taking the time! These lessons are fabulous. :) We're 5 for 5. Our 4 yr old has asked for FHE every night that second week...which made us giggle. :) We've had great fun, and really appreciate your hard work. :)

Michelle said...

This lesson is just PERFECT for our family! Thank you!

Emily said...

We just did this lesson tonight and it went GREAT. I forgot to take pictures (again) and I adjusted a few things. First, it was a little too long for our boys' attention span (5 and 3) so I shortened it by combining the activity (beanbag toss) with the quiz from the Friend--threw the ball to Isaac and had him answer, then had Isaac throw it to somebody else, and so on. They LOVED that part. I paraphrased the story about Robbie (even though it was already short) and only asked a few of the questions.

I made the Pillsbury sugar cookies with hearts on them ( for our treat.

The lesson went really well, especially the part where we made a list of bad words. They laughed and laughed at first, but when I talked about how it makes the Holy Ghost want to leave, they actually sobered up a little, which was a surprise. Thank you so much for this, we really have used it 3 or 4 out of the 6 times we've had FHE this year so far. The lessons are easy to follow and remember and really make a difference. Excellent lesson.

Deanna said...

This is exactly what our family needed. :) To read how it went, check our blog. I thought it 'worthy' to share with all my other friends. :)

Thank you, again.

Andrea J said...

This topic is something that I've been trying to organize well enough to teach to my 4 and 2 year old girls. Thank you Thank you.

Anonymous said...

WOWWWWWWWW no words than just wow,and thank you to share this with us, with me, it gives me a lot of ideas, specially when i'm out of... thank you !

Becca said...

This is so great! Thank you!

katie k hymas said...

THanks so much for this lesson... it was just what I was looking for this week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the was just what I needed. I appreciate your willingness to share! :)

Bj said...

Just what I was looking for tonight. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Love Love Love your lessons. Thank you soooooo much! It makes it wonderfully simple to have FHE every week

Mrs_Snelly said...

I'm planning on sharing this lesson with my family tonight, and combining with the family love boxes from your lesson on true happiness. I hope this will help break the downward spiral we get in our home, of yelling and negative speaking. Thank you for your beautiful lessons!

Mindy said...

This is the first lesson we used and it was fantastic! Even our 4 year old had a great time telling something nice about the person he tossed the stuffed animal too. It was so simple and everyone had a great time, that's what it's about right! Thank you for helping us bring the Spirit to our home.

Michele Sekaquaptewa said...

I love using your lessons. Thank you so much for posting these and making them accessible to all. You are amazing!

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