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Week 4 and 5 Follow-Up


Week 4 - Last week was insane and we realized we had not had our FHE yet and the weekend was upon us. So we had our Family home Evening in the car on our way to Washington DC for a weekend trip. This was the scene outside as we held FHE.


It worked surprisingly well and it was actually kind of nice to have the kids belted in....MUCH less wiggling and squirming than our usual FHEs!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Week 5 - Last night was Family Home Evening as usual. Ella was in charge of the Lesson and she did a great job talking about showing love through service. The story I made up in the lesson was a hit! Both of my girls especially loved talking about our Family member's talents and how we can use them to serve. Ella stated, "I am a good singer AND I hold Evangeline's hand to help her sometimes."

Here is Evangeline coloring the included coloring page showing the Savior sharing food with others. It's so ahrd to snap a photo of Evangeline (she hates the camera these days) so this was a treasure!


How did your FHE go this week?

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Tessa Buys said...

It was great! We have a batch of valentines ready to go to a home we felt could really use them. I'm also putting together a kit of supplies so that the members of that family can make valentines to give. These FHE's have been a real blessing! Thank you!

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