Year 01/Lesson 05: Showing Love through Service

What You'll Need: scriptures, GAK 213: Christ Healing a Blind Man, GAK 215/GAB 41: Jesus Blessing Jairus’s Daughter, GAK 226: Jesus Washing the Apostles’ Feet, construction paper, coloring materials. You should also make arrangements ahead of time to visit a local nursing home, shelter or Ward member in need.

Scripture: Mosiah 2: 17 - And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

Opening Song: Jesus Said Love Everyone (PCS #61 )


(display Gospel Art pictures)

- What is Christ doing in each of these pictures?
- Why was serving others an important part of the life of Jesus Christ?

I'm going to share a story about a little girl named Stephanie and what she learned about service.  (Tell the following story)
"What did you learn about in Primary today?" Stephanie's Mom asked as they sat around the dinner table.

"About Jesus and how he was always helping people." Stephanie replied between mouthfuls of peas.

"That's wonderful", her Daddy said, "Jesus did help many people and he taught us that serving others is just the same as serving Heavenly Father."

"But Daddy, how can I help people like Jesus did? I can't do anything special." Stephanie looked sadly at her plate and pushed her peas into a little pile with her fork.

"You have so many special talents, Steph." said her Daddy, "We can serve others in many ways. We can smile at someone who is sad, rake leaves, sing songs, send pictures to people who are sick and even help out around the house."

Stephanie thought about the things her Daddy said. She couldn't do all of the things other people did, but she realized she had lots of talents to share. "I am a great singer!" she exclaimed. "And I love to color and I love to smile."

Her Mommy smiled at Stephanie and nodded her head. "Yes, you have many talents to share. You know, there's a sister in our Ward who is feeling very sick. Sister Mitchell fell and broke her hip last week. She is in the hospital and I am sure she would love a visit to cheer her up. Would you like that?" Stephanie said she would.

The very next day Stephanie's family had a Family Home Evening lesson about service. Stephanie colored a special card for Sister Mitchell and made sure to do her very best to make it colorful and bright and to stay in the lines. On the front of the card Stephanie drew purple flowers, a big smiling sunshine and lots of green grass. On the inside Stephanie made a heart and signed her name in her very best handwriting. Then the family got into the car and drove to the hospital.

Stephanie felt a little nervous as they walked down the hospital hallway. Would Sister Mitchell really like her card? she wondered. When they got to Sister Mitchell's room she was laying alone in a hospital bed. When she saw Stephanie and her family enter, Sister Mitchell looked very happy. Stephanie handed her the card she made and watched as Sister Mitchell got a big smile on her face.

"Thank you Stephanie." sister Mitchell said, "This card was just what I needed to cheer up my room. And you did such a great job. Purple is my favorite color."

Stephanie and her family sang Love One Another and Stephanie felt good in her heart. She knew her service had made someone feel happy. She knew she had done what Jesus wanted her to do by using her talents to help others.

Ask questions about the story:
- How did Stephanie serve others?
- How did serving other make Stephanie feel?
- Where did those special feelings come from?
- What are some talents you have that we can use to serve others?

Discuss each family member's talents and how they can use those talents to serve others. For small children this can include singing, visiting neighbors, being nice to others, helping siblings and making pictures.

(Display picture of Jesus Christ)

Jesus Christ was the perfect example of serving others.  He showed us how to be happy by giving to others freely and serving them whenever and however we can.  WHen we serve others we become more like Him.

Bear your testimony about the blessings of service.  Share how service shows love for both our Heavenly Father AND those we serve.  Share a time in your life when others served you and how you felt.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)

Activity: Making and delivering Valentines

There are many organization who could really benefit from receiving Valentines. Nursing Homes, Homeless Shelters and Women Shelters. As a general rule you should contact these places to arrange your gift ahead of time. You can also contact your Relief Society Compassionate Service Leader and ask if their are any Ward members who would benefit from a visit and a card.

Tips for Women's Shelters - If you choose a Women's shelter you will need special permission. Some women's shelters will choose not to reveal their address for safety reasons, but many shelters for battered women and children have P.O. Boxes. Think of how much it would mean to a child in such a shelter to receive a gesture of love from another child.

Tips for Nursing Homes - If taking Valentines to nursing homes plan to visit briefly with some of the patients you visit. Also remember to NOT include any treats, candies or other sugar items in your valentines, since many Nursing Home residents have dietary restrictions.

If you cannot travel have children color this coloring page from The Friend magazine.

(Included in Lesson Download)

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Tara said...

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I feel like I'm on a journey with you as my teacher/guide, yet you're a nearly (the LDS thing lends a bit of familiarity) complete stranger to me.
I'm posting our experiences on my blog when I can. Feel free to read them:

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I've been looking for FHE lessons to help me structure it and am excited about your blog. Thank you for taking the time to do this so we can all benefit from it! Making valentines for my sister on a mission with my 3 year old son tonight.

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p.s. when I tried to download the lesson my firewall popped up saying that the file had a virus and I should not download it to my computer :(

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My friend follows you and her FHE are always so good. I asked her about it and she told me about your blog. I cant thank you enough for all your hard work , structured brilliance and your willingness to share. You are beyond amazing. Tomorrow will be our first fhe in years and I'm so excited to do it!! Xxx

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