PRINTABLE SONG CHART // Families Can Be Together Forever

A Year of FHE // Here's a free printable lyric chart to help Primary-age children learn the words to the song "Families Can Be Togther Forever".  #lds #primary #songs #temples

Hymn #300
Children's Songbook #188
Listen to it here.

4 Way Righteous Comments:

Marlynn said...

So I just discovered your wonderful site as I was trying to find Ideas for FHE with little kids. Love your site and I love the song of the month!! My girls actually pretty well know this song now!
Thanks for your hard work!
It makes my life less stressful.

Emster said...

Thank you for this flip chart! Great work that you have done on this site. :~)

Unknown said...

I just tried to pull up the flip chart but it says it is unavailable. :(

Brianne said...

This will send you to the flip chart

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