LDS Family Home Evening // Our Latter-day Prophet, Russell M. Nelson


What You'll Need: scriptures, printed life pictures poster, puzzle activity page, quote fill-in page, pen or pencil.

Scripture: Wherefore, meaning the church, thou shalt give heed unto all [the Prophet's] words and commandments which he shall give unto you as he receiveth them, walking in all holiness before me; For his word ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth, in all patience and faith. - Doctrine & Covenants 21:4-5

Opening Song: We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet (LDS Hymn #19)


NOTE: You may choose to start this lesson by reviewing how a new LDS Latter-day Prophet is called using the free download found here.

Heavenly Father calls Latter-day Prophets to lead his church and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.  Today we are going to learn about our current Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson.

(display Russell M. Nelson's Life in Pictures poster)

A Year of FHE // A free printable of pictures from LDS Prophet President Russell M. Nelson's life.


President Nelson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As a boy, Russell’s parents taught him that family should always come first. In the evenings he would play games, read, or sing with his parents and siblings.

He remembers that during school, he would go home for lunch, and at least once a week his mother tried to feed him beef liver. Russell did not like the taste or the texture of liver. He would wait until his mother looked away, then stuff the liver in his pocket. On his walk back to school, he would throw it away in an empty lot. “This maneuver was a little hard on pockets, but it was, nevertheless, very successful,” he says.


Russell played football in high school, but often sat on the bench during games, because he did not want to damage his hands. He was very protective over his hands and feared someone might step on them with their cleats. His coach, no doubt annoyed, kept Russell on the bench. Forty years later, Russell performed surgery on his coach with those hands.


President Nelson is a great singer and plays piano and the organ very well.  He spent a lot of time in choirs and musicals growing up. When Russell was in college he was asked to be in a school play.  When he came to practice, Russell heard the most beautiful singing. It was the voice of the lead soprano: Dantzel White. He said, “She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and I sensed that she was the one whom I would marry”.

Russell and Dantzel were married 3 years later and had a large family of ten kids; nine daughters and one son.

When he was 22 years old, he finished medical school with high honors. He then worked hard to become an expert heart surgeon.


During the Korean War, he served two years of military medical duty in Korea, the United States, and this country. After his war service he continued to be an amazing doctor. President Nelson worked on a team that made medical history: After three challenging years, they developed the first machine that performed the functions of a patient’s heart and lungs during open-heart surgery. As a doctor, he has helped thousands of sick people. But he says, “The real power to heal is a gift from God.”

Once, in a meeting, the Prophet at the time, Spencer W. Kimball, spoke about missionary work in many parts of the world. He asked everyone at that meeting to learn Mandarin Chinese.President Nelson followed that council. Mandarin is a very hard language to learn, but Russell M. Nelson listened to the Prophet and followed his council. His desire to speak to people in their own languages also prompted him to learn French, Russian and Spanish.

Later, President Nelson, who was not an apostle at the time, performed open-heart surgery on President Kimball and said this about the experience: "I shall never forget the feeling I had as his heart resumed beating, leaping with power and vigor. At that very moment, the Spirit made known to me that this special patient would live to become the prophet of God on earth."

President Nelson LOVES being in the outdoors. Skiing is one of President Nelson's "greatest loves". He also has fond memories of summer vacations with his family and spending one day a year horseback riding with his children.

Later in their life Russell's wife, Dantzel Nelson, passed away. President Nelson married Wendy L. Watson, an author and Brigham Young University professor, in April 2006.


President Russell M. Nelson was called in January 2018 as the 17th Latter-day Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  At the announcement of his Presidency, President Nelson said, “I declare my devotion to God our Eternal Father and to His Son, Jesus Christ. I know Them, love Them, and pledge to serve Them—and you—with every remaining breath of my life.”

He challenged the members of the church to follow the savior. He said, “Your commitment to follow the Savior by making covenants with Him and then keeping those covenants will open the door to every spiritual blessing and privilege available to women, men, and children everywhere.”

Bear your testimony about the new Prophet. Share with your family that each of them can receive personal revelation that Russell M. Nelson is God's chosen Prophet on the earth.

(For tips on sharing your testimony please click here.)


FOR SMALL KIDS // Heart Puzzle 
(included in Lesson download)

A Year of FHE // A free printable of a puzzle with facts from LDS Prophet President Russell M. Nelson's life. Great for Primary, Family Home Evening or a sabbath activity for families.

FOR OLDER KIDS & TEENS // President Nelson Quote Fill-In
(included in Lesson download)

A Year of FHE // A free printable of a quote by LDS Prophet President Russell M. Nelson.  Older kids and teens lok up the scriptures below to find the words to fill-in to make the quote complete.  Great for Young Men, Young Women, Sunday School, and Senior Primary!

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A Year of FHE // A Family Home Evening all about the life of LDS Prophet President Russell M. Nelson.  This lesson plan includes scripture, song, lesson and activities. There is a poster of Russell M. Nelson's life in photos, a puzzle for young children and a great scripture fill-in activity for older kids and teens.  Your FHE is read, just CLICK, PRINT, and TEACH! #lds #prophet #nelson

LDS Family Home Evening // Strengthening Our Family


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    The LDS General Conference talk by Thomas S. Monson that you absolutely must read!


    "The Way of the Master" 
    by Thomas S. Monson

     April 1996 - LDS General Conference
    Topic: Life after Death

    This talk is included very first in my list of 8 LDS Talks that Changed My Life and there's a good reason.  Itmade such a distinct impression on me in my youth that I remember the exact place I was sitting and how I felt when I saw it in real life (I would have been 18 years old).  The beginning of the talk is lovely, expressing teachings of Jesus Christ and how we can implement those things in our lives.  But the Life-changing part of this talk comes a little later when President Monson relays a story titled "Information Please" (beginning at 13:30 of this clip).

    This story is profoundly touching and shares with us the message that death is not the end of life. While on my mission an Elder I knew lost a loved one.  In that moment this wonderful talk entered my mind and I shared it with him, later finding the actual talk in an Ensign and copying it for him to read.  His pain was slightly lighter because of the words of this beautiful talk and the testimony that our lives are eternal.

    Favorite Quote: "Always remember that there are other worlds in which to sing."

    Read it here.
    Watch it here.
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    This post may contain affiliate links for products and services I love and whole-heartedly believe in. Thanks so much for your support! See the full disclosure.
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