5 Ways to Spiritually Prepare your Children for a New School Year


A Year of FHE // Check out this list of 5 things to help your child prepare SPIRITUALLY for a new school year. There are some great ideas here and I know I'll want to review this each Fall. #lds #school #youngwomens #youngmens

01. Review Family Rules & Expectations 

Set aside a time during a Sunday evening or during your regular Family Home Evening to review your family's rules and expectations for your kids.  These can be guidelines about homework time and expectations about grades, but a strong focus should be reviewing your rules of conduct for school and social time.  Make sure to be crystal clear about your rules and what you expect from your children.  You may choose to cover some of the following topics...

Elementary School kids this may mean clear rules about swearing or teasing others.  It could be a review of your family's (and school's) dress code, including length of shorts, etc.

Middle School and Junior High age may need reminders and clear guidelines for swearing, gossiping, bullying, clothing guidelines, not skipping class, a curfew, cyber-bullying, social media rules, etc.

High School students will definitely need a review of rules about alcohol, drugs, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, bullying, cyber-bullying, social media rules, not skipping class, a curfew, and your rules of dating and moral standards of sexual contact.

02. Daily Morning Prayer

If you don't already, set up a routine for daily family prayer before your children elave the house.  What better way can we start off their day than by with the powers of Heaven on their side.  If you need to (and, believe me, MY family needs to) set an alarm on your phone, make a sign for the door your kids leave from, get the entire family involved in reminding each other not to elave the house each school day without a prayer.

03. Daily Family Motto

If you know many LDS families you will hear stories of different mottos and saings parents chime before their kids leave for school.  I have heard of "Remember Who You Are", "Stand for Truth and Righteousness", and other mottos.  This may seem to go in one ear and out the other, but the reason we hear about these stories so often is because they stick with kids. Think up a family motto and saying it to your kids each day as they leave for school.  This routine will stick with them and help sustain them through the school day.  Once you have one consider finding a print on Etsy with your saying or custom ordering one if your motto isn't available.  I make custom LDS prints in my Etsy shop.

04. Prepare for Seminary
For kids old enough to attend Seminary, whether it's at school or early morning, give them every tool you can think of to prepare them to have an amazing experience.  Seminary can be an oasis from the pressures of school and the world or an opportunity to find creative ways to sleep withoit being caught.  Investing in making it a great experience for your child and having them engage in the Seminary experience can make all the difference.  For tips on having a great Seminary experience read 8 Ways to Make Seminary Great.

I have a fantastic list of LDS products you can purchase to help your child succeed in Seminary this year.  There's also a coupon code!

I highly recommend this amazing pack of Seminary helps by the Red Headed Hostess. These doctrinal mastery binder dividers and study pages are perfect to help seminary teachers and students keep all of their valuable notes organized and easy to find! They are easy to make and can become a priceless resource as you seek to learn all of these important doctrines throughout the year, and for years to come.

05. Father's Blessing or other Priesthood Blessing

Most LDS Members know about this one, but I never had a Father's Blessing before school started growing up.  I was raised by a single mother and I so wish I had had that amazing opportunity to receive one.  If your children don't have a father who is able to give them a Father's Blessing I strongly recommend reaching out to a trust Home Teacher, Ward Member, worth family member, or Bishop.  Yes, it won't technically be a "father's blessing", but that doesn't matter one bit.  It will be an opportunity for your child to her from their Father in Heaven and that's the most power start to a school year I can think of, no matter who gives the blessing.

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LDS Family Home Evening // Jesus Christ Visits the Nephites


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Family-Centered Classes for Utah Parents


People like to joke about wishing babies came home from the hospital with an owner's manual. It's not really a joke though. I have been a parent for almost 12 years and we have recently come into some territory with my oldest kids that I am completely un-prepared for. I know how to change a diaper with one hand and what to give my babies when they are teething, but it's what comes after those years when the trials you face become much more complex and make you realize how little you know in some areas of parenting.

This week I heard about a series of classes by KnowHowMom.com being held in Salt Lake City centered around strengthening families. As I began looking through each class description I realized I need ALL of them! I thought I would share this information here so other Utah parents can consider getting help on tricky topics from experts. Here are a few classes they offer.

Gottman 7 Principles Program for couples. We all say it won't happen to us.  We will keep our marriage strong, even after we have kids.  But it's so hard!  AS the years have passed and we have brought five children into our family, it's been easy to drift apart, to forget the romance, to communicate less, to lose focus on the two of us.  This class will help couples reconnect and move forward with one purpose.

Emotion Coaching for Parents. One of my daughters has always struggled with putting her feelings into words. The older she gets the more difficult this makes navigating the pre-teen years. I have really struggled to figure out how to help her. This class seems tailor-made for me!

Active Parenting Workshop.  I believe that parenting is the hardest job there is!  And I need all the help I can get.  My instinct and intuition has served me well in a handful of parenting situations up to this point. But there have been many other times when I simply had no idea what to do...or even where to start!  As my kids grow older these instances are increasing.  It's always a good idea to take a parenting class from an expert who can teach you how to navigate the more difficult and complex parenting challenges.

They have many more classes to choose from, so you can find something that works for you.

Which class interests you the most?
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This post may contain affiliate links for products and services I love and whole-heartedly believe in. Thanks so much for your support! See the full disclosure.
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